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    AR technology in glasses and apps

    AR is used for many devices including glasses to reach more effects for the process. In modern apps, AR is applied not only to follow the trend but to widen the interaction possibilities.  The design of Samsung glasses with augmented reality support has been published Now it remains to wait for the announcement itself If you believe the leaks that have become more frequent in 2021, very soon we will see a boom in glasses with augmented reality (AR) support from leading manufacturers. Samsung will also be one of them. The design of their device managed to get into the network. The source of the "plum" was the publication of the company's patent in the World Intellectual Property Organization. Judging by the document, the glasses will have a completely familiar appearance, but at the same time offer various AR functions, 91mobiles reports. Unfortunately, the patent does not contain any information about the technical characteristics of the wearable gadget. But given the direction in which Apple and Microsoft have been moving in recent years, we can expect that Samsung glasses also allow you to fully interact with augmented reality. The date of the announcement of the South Korean gadget is still unknown. Facebook has learned how to set up embed AR glasses in hats Looks like something breakthrough In recent years, the sphere of augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) has been gaining momentum. But despite this, manufacturers are still struggling with the problem associated with the inconvenient design of the devices. A fresh creation of Facebook can help solve this problem. The company has come up with an approach by which it will be possible to embed augmented reality glasses in hats, writes Gizmodo. This, in turn, will allow people to use such devices with greater comfort. It is worth marking that the patent itself was filed back in 2019. But only now, in the middle of 2021, it was published. The system works brilliantly and simply. As soon as the user wants to use the "smart" functions, the corresponding glasses are "pushed out" in front of his eyes. Unfortunately, it is still unclear which Facebook product will be the first to receive support for the above technology and how soon this will happen. But given the IT giant's love for VR and AR, we can expect this to happen in the coming years or even months. The first commercial augmented reality glasses have been announced and we are waiting for a response from Apple, Google, and other major players The first commercial augmented reality glasses have been announced. Unfortunately, so far we are talking about the development of the Coolpad Group company, but it is likely that this is a bell before the full-fledged announcements of Apple, Google, etc. So, the novelty from the Coolpad Group, called Coolpad Xview, according to the developer himself, is the first full-fledged commercial product among augmented reality glasses. At the same time, the novelty looks like ordinary sunglasses, which, however, are equipped with a special display and camera. According to the capabilities of Coolpad Xview, AR applications that are already available on all modern iPhones are duplicated - the glasses are able to assess the size of the surrounding room, recognize people and objects. From Google Glass, the device inherited the ability to search for the necessary information on the Internet. Judging by the data provided by the company, the Coolpad Xview Smart Wearable AR Glasses are priced at $ 428. So far, the device is available for purchase only in China. Instagram Facebook, Instagram, and other IT giants will introduce augmented reality effects in TikTok Augmented reality (AR) technology is gaining more and more popularity. Facebook Instagram is already actively used in Facebook products (especially in Instagram). Apple is also not far behind, which is credited with the imminent release of the first smart glasses with the corresponding function. Now there is information that TikTok also intends to introduce augmented reality into its service. According to TechCrunch, for this purpose, the Chinese company has launched a new set of creative tools. She called the whole thing simply-Effect Studio. Since the new product is at the stage of closed beta testing, only selected users have access to it. The application for early access is provided through a special form in which developers are asked to provide their name, email address, information about the TikTok account, the name of the company they represent, and data about their experience with augmented reality. At the moment, there is no exact information about how soon TikTok will allow everyone to create AR inside the service. It is also unknown when the creators of video content will get access to the tool.



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