Outstaffing game development

    Outstaffing game development

    Often there are situations where a company can not perform certain tasks to create a game for lack of qualified professionals. In this case, a real salvation for the company-developer will be the use of outstaffing game development. We will consider what it is, its features below in our material.

    What is outstaffing

    Many newcomers to the game or IT-industry are faced with such a concept quite often, so it's time to clarify what is outstaffing. Outstaffing refers to a model of remote hiring in which specialists are provided to another company from the outside. It turns out that the required employee is not sought through employment centers, but is hired to perform a certain project by a company with which the employee has an employment relationship.

    At present, the outstaffing market is developing rapidly, and its intensity has increased in recent years. Many gaming giants are trying to hire outstaffing game developers on the side in order to fulfill the tasks in time and with high quality.

    Outstaffing has the following advantages:

    ●      absence of hiring problems, disputes regarding employment and management on the part of the customer;

    ●      the possibility of hiring a rare specialist, who is not needed on a regular basis;

    ●      cost reduction;

    ●      direct access to the team of specialists and self-administration of the development process;

    ●      quick start.

    However, this service has disadvantages – the customer is fully responsible for the outcome of the individual project. Often there are difficulties in communicating with the remote team involved in the development process.


    Why choose outstaffing in game development?

    Our company's team consists of multidirectional specialists, thanks to whom many companies can take advantage of outstaffing service without any problems. It's a great solution that can be applied to the fullest extent when you need to strengthen your development team in the absence of internal expertise on a certain type of technology.

    Outstaffing is suitable if you:

    ●      you have ready-made business processes;

    ●      you have a strong team of specialists;

    ●      clearly outlined goals of the project.

    This service is not suitable for short-term projects lasting less than a month. Then it is better to free up your own resources. It is necessary to discuss areas of responsibility before the start of cooperation, and all this should be reflected in the contract. Our company provides such an opportunity.

    Usually game development outstaffing is used:

    1. Large companies wishing to strengthen their staff. In such firms, most of the projects are carried out by the "native" team of developers. They involve outsiders to create a new product and get the reaction of the audience. If successful, the development of that product is handled by a permanent team of developers.
    2. Companies that create games. They usually have employees on staff, but they don't have time to complete tasks according to deadlines. They lack a few people for expertise or small tasks, but it is not profitable to open a vacancy, as there will be no such tasks in the future.

    In our agency you will get specialists who fully meet your preferences and requirements according to the implementation of future projects.


    Why us?

    If your company does not have enough staff for game development, you can turn to us and hire several specialists to perform the tasks required for the projects. The customer himself determines the duration of the rental of employees and pays for their time at the rate. Project workload is also determined by the customer.

    Each of our clients can study the catalog of developers and choose the person by himself or with the help of our managers. The price of the service is formed based on the complexity of the task and the necessary experience of the developer. After we finish the negotiations we will be able to choose a person for you and tell you the price of the services.

    Outstaffing in our company is carried out according to the following scheme:

    1. Meeting with the client. During that meeting we clarify the goals of the project and requirements for skills and experience.
    2. Selecting candidates. Managers collect resumes of employees who match the customer's requirements.
    3. Assessment by the client. The client examines the resumes of selected candidates and selects those who are most suitable for the interview.
    4. Drawing up a contract. The agreement fixes the cost of the service and the time given for development. A supervisor is also appointed to oversee the process and answer questions.
    5. Execution of the assignments set by the client.
    6. Completion of cooperation. Once the project is completed, the specialist returns to our team. There are no dismissal procedures as such, as this is a project work according to the contract.
    7. Collecting feedback. You send feedback to our managers on the work of our team in your company.

    We employ only qualified employees. We guarantee outstaffing game development and are always ready to replace an employee if he does not meet the stated criteria. Leave a request or call us back and we will find specialists for your projects.



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