What is the positioning of websites in practice? Discover the pillars of modern SEO!

The positioning process is long and multi-stage. And it all starts with the audit of the promoted page

Google takes into account more than 200 factors that flow into Page positioning and page ranking in organic results. Some of it depends on the user himself (his location, previous inquiries or interests determined on the basis of favorite internet sites), some of it remains a closely guarded secret of the American corporation. Some issues are explained by the official search engine guidelines for webmasters, and some dependencies are discovered by SEO specialists, testing various solutions and observing changes in positions. Which elements should be given priority?

• High quality content of corporate website
• Shortest content loading times
• Display the page correctly on mobile devices
* Clear navigation (menu structure, URLs)
• Use keywords in your content
* Referral links from other reputable sites on the web

The battle for high places in Google continues all the time, so positioning will not return right away

At first glance, it seems quite simple. However, no one will give up the most profitable positions voluntarily. You need to act prudently, so as not to run the risk of punishment from Google for the use of illegal practices (so-called black hat SEO). Fake keyword stuffing, hiding content, or bulk link buying can result in a downgrade filter or ban, completely removing a domain from search results.

If a website does not comply with Google’s quality guidelines, the search engine will filter it. Some of the penalties are automatic, others are imposed manually by Google employees. Filter information usually appears in the Google Search Console. Therefore, you need to regularly check all messages from this tool. There you can see exactly which areas of the page need improvement in terms of filter image or optimization.

source: https://afterweb.pl/pozycjonowanie-stron/

Google’s standards are systematically tightening. This is precisely demonstrated by the history of large-scale updates of algorithms, which in a few moments overturned a seemingly inviolable hierarchy on the internet. For a position in the search engine you need to work all the time-and do it in the right way, taking care of the quality of the company’s site and its usefulness to the audience. Profits will come if you implement, and if necessary modify, an SEO strategy developed specifically for your website.

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