Top 7 programming languages that are popular with employers in the United States using the technology of the Burning Glass analyzed IT jobs in the United States for 3 months. In the end, the magazine has determined, knowledge of any languages, local employers were required most often.

At the head of the list were SQL. This language designed for managing data in relational database. For more than 3 decades of its existence it has gained an enviable popularity in his field. Please note that if you want to work with data and databases, you need in addition to study and a couple of derived or structured query language, including NoSQL.

Why are employers so need SQL?

Most companies understand that in today’s reality, processing, storing, modifying, and analyzing data have become more important than ever (especially after the resurgence of the pandemic coronavirus and the subsequent massive lockdown). And to perform these tasks requires appropriate experts with knowledge of SQL.

Next is Java. And this is not surprising, given the extreme popularity of this language for more than 25 years. A huge number of applications, programs, and services was written on it, and the company in the future will necessarily support the existing code-base. A great advantage of Java was its concept of WORA, which stands for “write once – run anywhere” (i.e., “write once – run everywhere”).

Third place was taken by a Python.

Followed by JavaScript, Microsoft C# and C++, and closes the rating language Ruby.

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