Top 10 multiplayer VR games for the Oculus Quest
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    • Top 10 multiplayer VR games for the Oculus Quest

    Top 10 multiplayer VR games for the Oculus Quest

    As more and more people every day immersed in virtual reality, Oculus Quest owners are probably looking for games that they can play with friends possess mentioned the vr headset. Here are 10 of perhaps the best multiplayer VR games for the Oculus Quest.

    10. Ironlights

    If you are looking for a multiplayer game to fight to play it online or with friends, Ironlights is a good option. It is an interesting look at the battle in virtual reality, which uses slow motion, collapsing the weapon and alternating system of attack and defense. This is a bold attempt to avoid some of the well-known problems associated with the lack of haptic feedback in the interactions of unarmed combat in virtual reality. If you have two VR headsets in Ironlights you can play in one network with almost no delay. If you're a fan of the genre of martial arts, you may want to try.

    9. Half + Half

    Half + Half is a collection of multiplayer mini-games. You are presented with a text in full growth, and you can use voice chat to communicate with other players, except that your voice is converted into a high-pitched squeal, which nobody can understand. The best game in the collection is hide and seek, where one player turns into a giant Finder with the balls to throw them in hiding, which are super tiny and have a slingshot to teleport from place to place. You can play with friends or with random other players online, and since your identity is hidden and your voice modulated, it's pretty convenient option for families, and perhaps more secure alternative compared to the noisy lobby social applications such as Rec Room.

    8. The Under Presents

    The Under Presents — is thata cross between a game, adventure and living the VR-theatre. It combines other players as exciting and unique way, which you cannot find anywhere else. Though there is a story that you want to pass, you will also encounter other players, all of them are equally dressed in a black cloak with a gold mask on her face. With these players it is impossible to communicate besides gestures, and you have no way of knowing who they are and where. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether they are actually other players or just an AI pretending to be one of them is a strange experience, and that's what makes it funny and unusual.

    7. PokerStars VR

    You love to play poker with your friends? Your friends have a VR headset? Well, you can be 100% customized on PokerStars VR. This, of course, the most famous poker game available for virtual reality headsets, and you and your friends will be able to join the many online tables to play poker like in real life. You can even light a virtual cigar to feel like a real poker table.

    6. Real VR Fishing

    As PokerStars VR, it's pretty simple and predictable — it's fishing in VR-enabled multiplayer games. If you want to throw the bait with each other in VR, that VR Real Fishing — the best (and possibly only) option. The game has existed for some time, but multiplayer support is a much newer addition to the game. It supports up to 4 users simultaneously in multiplayer mode. At a time when many of us are restricted in their movements and have limited access to outdoor activities, a trip on a virtual fishing trip with friends may be just what you need.

    5. Arizona Sunshine

    Arizona Sunshine is a zombie shooter (which probably gets into all sorts of Tops and rankings) with the campaign lasting more than 4 hours and Horde mode on the basis of waves. Moreover, campaign, and Horde mode supports multiplayer mode, so you can join a friend who also has the game on the Quest (unfortunately, the A. S. does not support cross-platform play). Although Arizona Sunshine has long been present in the world of virtual reality (initially it was launched for PC VR in 2017), it remains a reliable option for players Quest, which requires joint action on the basis of waves and / or full cooperation in the campaign. In addition, as of April version game Oculus Quest got all the same DLC as the version of VR for the PC.

    4. Eleven Table Tennis

    Eleven Table Tennis — it's just table tennis in VR. There is something special to take with you wherever you go and Quest — when connected to the Internet to play against a friend (or random opponent) online with a perfect recreation of the 1: 1 table tennis table. It also works well because it seems real when you hit the ball in table tennis in real life, there is relatively little physical resistance, so the VR version seems fairly accurate. Light vibration when hitting the ball is all that you need to Eleven Table Tennis looked really authentic.

    3. Spaceteam VR

    Spaceteam was originally released as a mobile game in 2012, but has since found a new life and a new home in virtual reality. You can play with six players in a mission to clearly and effectively communicate while piloting the ship in space. You will need to give commands to your friends, to teach them to press buttons or perform certain actions, but there is a lot chaotic. Not only that, teams often confusing, your console may unexpectedly turn on, or your voice may be modulated with the impact teams. This is a hectic entertainment and one of the best multiplayer games for parties, available on Quest. In addition, you can even play with users that don't use VR at least one user to be able to play with five players on mobile devices, if you are in the same room.

    2. Onward

    If you are looking for a competitive multiplayer shooter on the Oculus Quest, then you should choose Onward. You play 5 on 5 battles against other players online, lots of weapons and three game modes to choose from. Although it lacks the visual precision and some custom functions from version game for PC VR (many of which should appear in a future update), it remains one of the best multiplayer VR games in Quest.

    1. Echo VR

    VR Echo is a competitive multiplayer game VR. As for multiplayer, available on the platform, the game remains conceptually and practically has no analogues — it provides a unique gameplay unusual system of movements and exciting competitive action. The basic idea is that you play in teams in a room with zero gravity with a single disk, floating somewhere in the middle. At each end of the arena is the goal, and you can start from the objects or use the wrist accelerators to navigate through the environment, throwing, passing and shooting the disk in the direction of the target. It's not a difficult concept to understand, but like any competitive sport or game, it is much harder to master. Another big plus — Echo VR available for free in the beta version of Oculus Quest.



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