The temple of Baalbek: and ye shall by VR virtual Indiana Jones

On to the temple complex of Baalbek. (Screenshot: t3n / Youtube)

The operator of the virtual temple of Baalbek allow you a trip to the Lebanon to the Roman period. The App for the Desktop, mobile devices and VR glasses, you look at the destroyed temples.

The money the billionaire Bassam Alghanim a Virtual Reality project is due to, in the course of a reconstruction of the temple complex of Baalbek in the Lebanon in their presumed original condition has been created. The was poured into an App for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and the VR glasses, Oculus Go, and Rift and the Vive is available for free.

The App is leading by the American company Flyover Zone, but in cooperation with the Lebanese Ministry of culture and the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), has been developed. With “Baalbek Reborn: Temples” now can anyone who has the technical requirements of the world heritage site, a visit in their presumed original condition. Indiana Jones sends his regards.

Deutsches Institut instrumental

The temples of Baalbek represent the architecture of the Roman Empire, to his wedding. Also, as the ruins of the temple complexes in the East of present-day Lebanon, are one of the most important attractions of the country. The German Archaeological Institute has been researching since 1998 the place was called in the times of the Roman Colonia Heliopolis and, since at least 10,000 years, to the point exists.

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The German Archaeological Institute has its Expertise in the implementation of the App that shows the temple of Jupiter heliopolit anus, the temple of Bacchus, the temple of Venus and the temple of the muses, as with scientific certainty around the year 215 to Christ have looked like.

How in the Museum: the VR experience faithfully recreated

The App can be used in two ways. Thus, it is possible to choose a guided tour or walk freely through the virtual system. You can switch between 360-degree images of the plant in its current state, and the virtual reconstruction.

Like a good Museum management, the App has a sound track with explanations. “Baalbek Reborn: Temples” can be used in Arabic, German, English and French. The relevant App for your device which you can download on this Website that looks like an archaeological excavation from the nineties.

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