The new VR-headset Oculus Go can be presented in May

The new VR-headset Oculus Go can be presented in May

photo: Variety

According to Variety, it became known that this year at the F8 developer conference, Facebook is preparing to present a new virtual reality system Oculus Go. And according to the source, “This will be Facebook’s big AR / VR news today.”

Recall that for the first time Oculus introduced its VR headset back in October last year with an announced cost of $ 199 (the cost of Gear VR ranges from $ 129- $ 499). The Go standalone headset is designed by Xiaomi as an independent system with no incoming / outgoing motion controllers, which is built on the Snapdragon 821 chipset.

The base model is rumored to include 32GB of permanent storage and will cost users $ 199, while the 64GB model will go on sale with a higher price tag.

It was also revealed that Oculus is working on a new headset called Santa Cruz, a standalone VR prototype with a built-in tracker. In return, HTC recently unveiled an updated version of the original Vive Pro headset (with a higher resolution, wireless adapter and built-in headphones). This device is likely to compete seriously with Oculus in the standalone VR segment, especially since HTC is focusing on the high-end market. That said, HTC also announced the launch of the all-in-one Vive Focus VR headset. But when exactly the device will go on sale, the NTS company has not yet been reported.

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