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Video games attract not only with the wide variety of adventures, but also with the Chance to take on other identities. Games with character editors allow you to Create your own characters: gender, stature, clothing, personality – all of which can be customized. The use of a lot of players only to self-replicate, but also to try something that is in real life, maybe difficult.

In the Following four players tell of their experiences:

  • a person who is neither man nor woman,
  • a player who preferred online a male figure,
  • a man who was, thanks to his girlfriend on the digital woman,
  • and a TRANS woman who would like to experience their gender as positive.

Jan, 21: “necklaces, rings, belt – the more the better”

>”I’m genderqueer, I write for me, none gender identity. Therefore, the character of editors in Games like Fallout 4 are’ quite exciting for me. I try some different body, all of which are somehow different facets of me.

With 15 years ago, I thought that I would have to just Play with a male character, because that is part of the times. Meanwhile, the character is the embodiment of me in the game world – he looks how I feel, but not how I look. This variability in the shape of your body I really like. If I’m playing an old character, and he no longer fits me, I change it. The games do not offer this option, make me, therefore, less fun.

I was in a game Bock on Make-up, I lay in which, unlike in real life, the same goes immediately. I don’t need to practice, and must fear nothing when I’m in the digital game world on-the-go.

Characters that are totally hung full, I find great. Necklaces, rings, belt – the more the better. And if I still have the ability to use implants or Cyborg parts of the body, is really great. The idea of my expanding body technically, I find exciting.”

Sabrina, 37: “I can try”

>Sabrina / Perfect World

>”A good ten years, I have been playing in ‘Perfect World’, an Online role-playing game. First of all, I had a character in a female. However, I have noted at the beginning that I will be treated differently, if I make it clear that I am a woman. Some hold a then, apparently, for grenzdebil, for a total incompetent. Also that’s why my main character in this game is now a man. The is regarded as a neutral – it is less important who is behind it.

Cheekbones, nose, eyes: I must have taken two hours, until I had the contours of the face of the character as I wanted you. I like to think of what my character and change the Mode depending on your mood. Female characters in Games are often quite ridiculous: they do not move with an exaggerated swing of the hips, like me.

My characters are always tall and slim. I am a 1.83 meters – but not slim. In the video game I may look so, I would like to be in real. But it’s not just my body shape, I can change my hair color or hair length. I can’t try anything, what I don’t trust me – or what is not so easy to achieve.”

Imanuel, 19: “Everything you thought”

>”I think it’s more beautiful and aesthetic, to control when you Play a woman and to watch as a man. That’s why I spend a lot of time to make each figure so that it corresponds to my taste, for example, in the character Editor of ‘Ghost Recon: Wildlands’. But the Visual is not the only reason why I create as a man prefers a woman.

It’s games are not reality, that’s why I don’t want to control myself, but someone else. And a little I can find out so, Yes, perhaps, how it feels as a woman so. In real life I’m more shy and diplomatic, in the video game offensively and directly. To play these opposites, fascinated me.

In “Fallout 76” ‘ve spent my girlfriend and I a few hours to create a character. You thought about how I would look as a woman – and that’s exactly how you created the character. Hair, eyes, shape, size of the lip, everything has it occurred to you. The character I like really good and I remember fondly.

I would wish that the editors have in Play less limits. Why not create someone who belongs to no sex?”

Miki, 20: “A positive by play of my identity”

>”With ‘The Sims’series, I’ve spent a lot of time. I play as realistic as possible and think of me the stories to the characters. I see how the characters interact, what personality you have, what is the life path you go. I recently created an introverted Athlete that has come together with a nerdy TRANS man.

When it comes to Trans issues, it is often reported from tragedy and pain. However, I want to play a happy life. I’m a TRANS woman and the Play can give me quite the hope is that Eventually, I live a happy life. It is a positive play Through of my identity.

I live in a conservative area, I don’t live in the open. My family knows that I’m trans, otherwise I will hide it. Many of the people here just don’t understand. And I don’t want to expose the.

In ‘The Sims’, but nothing is conservative and I don’t need to explain myself to well. So many options are open for me, and no sex-constellation is questioned.

I have a depressive phase, in which it is not good for me. ‘The Sims’ is in such times as a retreat. I have been creating characters and relationships that feel right. Because to me, nothing is wrong.”

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