The Google Cloud region in Poland officially opened

The Google Cloud region in Poland officially opened

The latest investment in Google, and in Poland was also launched is the Google Cloud region in Warsaw. The company is to help Polish companies in digital transformation, and to support this process wider adoption of cloud solutions in various sectors of the economy. Interestingly, Google Cloud in Warsaw is already 25. this region of the world and the only company from Mountain View will open this year in Europe. It is also the first such investment in Central and Eastern Europe.

Plans to open the new region, Google Cloud just in Warsaw appeared in 2019. Then was signed strategic partnership with Cloud Road – ie, a provider of cloud computing services created by the company PKO Bank Polski and the Polish Development Fund.

Organizations that already use the services of Google cloud services, in particular, a group of clothing LPP, that is, the owner of brands such as House, Mohito, Reserved, Cropp, Sinsay, or previously mentioned PKO Bank Polski.

The opening of the region, Google Cloud in Warsaw, it is possible to see here.

Characteristics of the region, Google Cloud in Warsaw

In the Google cloud, you can not only store large amounts of data, but to analyze them in real time, using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Moreover, the new region, Google Cloud provides reliable protection of information, and the quality of services to private businesses who decided to move to the cloud will be much higher.

Magdalena Dziewguc, Director of the Google Cloud business in Poland, emphasizes that the Google Cloud region in Warsaw was established for those in need of high computing power, for those who want to enjoy safe infrastructure, as well as for those who need the latest technology and applications.

The region was also divided here into three independently operating areas that will be associated superfast network is to provide protection from possible interference in the operation of the service. If we are talking about and the benefits that flow from the use of cloud Google”, for business this analysis and data storage, which will allow you to make optimized business decisions and reduce the cost of maintenance of it.

If we are talking customers and consumers this You will surely get a much better and quick service at your favorite online store, or when booking next visit to the hairdresser. Examples can be here in two Polish startups, where founders adopted, however, and participated in the opening of the new region Booksy and Brainly.

Moreover, Those who decided on the use of cloud computing Google will have the ability to store data locally and use technologies such as Google Kubernetes Engine, BigQuery, Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud Spanner Lee.


Says Zbigniew Jagiello, President of the Polish Bank PKO, the opening of the region, Google Cloud in Warsaw is a milestone in the history of Polish digital. Thanks to cloud various companies will be able to develop and innovate and to adapt its products to changing market conditions.

Google has announced that it will gradually increase their representation in Warsaw and plans to open one office in Wroclaw.

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