SaberGrip — new controller feedback in VR battles with swords and VR-fishing

SaberGrip — new controller feedback in VR battles with swords and VR-fishing

The new form factor of the Tactical Haptics controller, SaberGrip intended for spectacular sword fighting in virtual reality games about fishing and much more.

Presented recently SaberGrip has the shape of a sword hilt and the same tactile actuation as in other controllers of the company, but the form factor gives it a more natural feel in certain situations. One of these experiments is the sword fighting, so the company built a technical demonstration on the basis of this concept, which you can see below.

In the VR-experience contact with the sword, shield and body of the enemy is felt through the sliding plates that create the tactile illusion. Future updates of the demo can also enable support for multiplayer games, so users will finally be able to “settle the score” in a more realistic fighting with swords. Controllers do not have the same modular design as some other controllers, the company instead created with those specific types of interactions.

In another example, Tactical Haptics has also shown a demonstration of VR-fishing. In this experience you will feel the jerk when trying to pull the fish. Tactical Haptics says that he developed a new style controller once heard interest from partners in arcade VR games. As shown below, the company has also developed a two-handed version SaberGrip, which, according to her, it may be more useful for such experiments.

Тактическая тактильная двуручная рукоятка SabreGrip

Finally, Tactical Haptics announce a new version of its multi-position magnetic design, which is suitable for the controllers of the Oculus Quest, which brings its technology in line with the standalone headset Facebook. In the past year, the company released a developer kit corporate level. However, it is unknown how close we are to ensure that these controllers were ready for home use.


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