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    New year's resolutions developer.

    The beginning of the year is a great opportunity to make new year’s resolutions. Apparently, poles like this kind of commitment, because 68% of women and 44% of men in our country do it, unfortunately, it is worse with perseverance in these provisions – only 8% of poles implement them, and the vast majority give up after a maximum of three months. Among this huge group of people who make new year’s resolutions there are also many programmers, which is confirmed by numerous entries on polish, but also foreign forums. What goals do most coders set themselves in the new year?


    Most often, the programmer spends many hours a day in front of the computer. Such static work at the desk has a negative impact on health. One of the most important goals that coders set themselves at the beginning of each year is often the decision to play sports on a regular basis. Typically, programmers opt for cycling or running. We have already written about how IT companies themselves take care of the health of their employees, offering them, for example, tickets to the gym, swimming pool, organizing competitions, etc.

    Learning new things

    The IT industry is one of the fastest growing and implementing new solutions. A good programmer should keep his hand on the pulse when it comes to new technological and programming trends. So much theory. In practice, it looks different. Often fatigue after a full day of work is so great that many coders do not want to just learn new things. Mobilization to expand knowledge can be an important new year’s resolution. The topic of development has already been discussed on the pages of our portal.

    Meeting deadlines

    Most programmers are well aware of this problem-meeting deadlines. It is not that you are lazy and therefore can not be in time to complete the assigned task within the specified time. In many cases, lack of skills or knowledge is also not the source of the problem. Unfortunately, often the problem with deadlines has its source in the lack of the ability to properly manage their own time and proper planning of activities. It is worth in the new year to work on efficiency and rational time management. Who knows, maybe this way it will be possible to spend dobie more minutes to rest?

    Knowledge sharing

    Sharing your own experience and knowledge can be beneficial for all parties. On the one hand, the image of an expert is created (this can be useful in the labor market), and on the other hand, the problems faced by coders are known. By teaching others, we also learn ourselves. It is not only about gaining knowledge and sharing it, but also about developing empathy and other qualities. Besides, helping gives you a lot of satisfaction.

    Taking care of work-life balance

    Rest is as important as work. Unfortunately, many people who spend most of the day on intensive professional duties, then have a problem with relaxation. Meanwhile, without this it is difficult to talk about “charging batteries”. A tired programmer is an inefficient worker, making a lot of mistakes, discouraged. Therefore, an important new year’s resolution should be to take care of regular rest.

    Regular backups

    Making regular backups should be the foundation. At work, however, it can be different. Many coders postpone this for later, which often does not happen at all. Unfortunately, this approach often changes only when there is a crash, hacker attack or accidental deletion of data. In this way, you can lose the effects of not only many hours, but even many years of work. Therefore, it is worth to be wise before harm and develop the habit of regularly performing backups.

    Switching to a diet

    The sedentary nature of work has an impact not only on health, as we have already written above, but also on weight gain. A lot of responsibilities, upcoming deadlines, tasks “for yesterday” – all this does not affect proper nutrition and most often ends with eating fast food. It is worth in the new year to change the eating habits. This is by no means a rare provision. According to Newsweek, 19% of all Poles who make new year’s resolutions are on a diet.

    IT job market tracking

    It is worth tracking what is happening in the IT job market even if the developer does not plan to change employers. Recruitment processes advertised on the internet and on websites such as Bulldogjob can be an excellent source of knowledge. First of all, you can find out what specialists are in demand in the market, what technologies are at the top and what are worth learning, what salary is offered by competing companies. Of course, it may also turn out that the programmer finds a recruitment ad that really interests him and suddenly wants to make changes in his professional career.

    Completing your own project

    Many programmers develop their own software project after work. Unfortunately, many have been doing this for years, constantly postponing its completion. Excuses are very different-lack of time, fatigue, lack of concept, etc. Perhaps the year has just come when it is time to bring your own project to an end. If only for your own satisfaction. Are you ready to take on this challenge?

    And what are your new year’s resolutions? How’s it going with keeping them? We are waiting for your entries.



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