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This requirement is a common practice of banks, which as the owner of the property, require its security. However, we do not have to insure the apartment through the bank that granted us the loan and decide on the imposed, often unfavorable conditions of such insurance. It is worth to decide for yourself where we want to be insured and to what extent. It’s a chance to spend less with better security.

Less spending, more protection

Regardless of whether we are buying an apartment now or paying off a mortgage for years, it is worthwhile to look at the insurance range offered to us by the lending bank and choose the best option for yourself. Mortgage insurance in link4 gives a wide range of protection with very favorable premiums.

– Banks very often try to impose on us their terms of insurance, and even a specific insurer. This is an opportunity for them to sell an additional product as a package with a mortgage.

It’s good to know we don’t have to put up with this at all. It is worth to choose the insurance, giving us the widest possible protection at the best price. Until recently, banks were reluctant to accept such customer autonomy.

Now that’s changed. Currently, the customer has the right to choose and is only obliged to carry out the assignment to the bank in the required range of mortgage insurance – says Marek Baran, spokesman link4.

What do we get in return?

Mortgage insurance gives us a guarantee that in case of damage, even total (such as, for example, destruction of property in a fire), it is the insurer who will pay the insurance indemnity to the bank, and not us.

But that’s not all. By the way, insurance for a mortgage in link4 we can take care of your interests, expanding the scope of the policy also for movable property. Banks only care about basic protection, which is to insure what belongs to them-walls.

Meanwhile, it is worth to include in our policy various insurance ranges that directly protect our property, for example, from burglary, damage or damage to glass objects, as well as OC in private life. We can also choose the option of insurance against all risk (so-called all risk).

Insurance agents know a lot of stories of their clients who have gained insurance for a mortgage chosen independently.

One of them is Mr. Tomasz (33 l.) from Warsaw, who has been paying off the mortgage for an apartment and the property insurance premium for a year:

– I have a 65-meter apartment in a newly built housing estate on the outskirts of the city. When I signed a mortgage agreement with the bank, they immediately offered me mortgage insurance with a specific insurer. At first I thought that I had no choice and that it would be an additional mandatory cost to the loan installment, even though the policy only protected the walls, and not my property.

Fortunately, before I signed the contract, I consulted with my agent, with whom I insure the car every year, and he advised me what to do. I learned that I myself can choose an insurer and only make a bank transfer in the required range of the policy, and the rest protects me.

That’s what I did. The best was the offer of apartment insurance in link4. The installment I pay is the same as I was offered at the bank, but the scope of insurance is without comparison wider. I have insured myself against all risks and now I can sleep peacefully.

Ms Joanna (49 l.) from Kolobrzeg also benefited from the comprehensive offer of property insurance in LINK4 under a mortgage:

– Ten years ago, my husband and I decided to buy a house. When signing the loan agreement, the bank imposed on us an insurance company and a premium, which it additionally charged us under the mortgage. It did not occur to us at the time that we could look for a better insurance offer on the market.

Only recently I learned that it depends on us, where we want to insure and to what extent. We presented the bank with our own home insurance policy in link4 and they accepted it without a problem. I wish I hadn’t done that just now.

Because not only have we saved on the premium, we now have much more protection than before from the policy chosen by the bank. Including theft insurance and home assistance package with the help of professionals in the event of a breakdown, and this is what we cared about most.

What do we gain with insurance in link4?

Link4 in the framework of mortgage insurance provides a guarantee of beneficial insurance of real estate, but importantly also mobility – that is, everything that we have in the house, for example: furniture (including built-in), carpets, electronic and computer equipment, clothing, bicycles, cash, jewelry or mobile phones.

We have a choice:


Under this, link4 shall be liable for damage to the subject-matter of the insurance resulting from any random event, unless it has been excluded from link4’s liability under the provisions of the GTC.
or from the named risks, that is, from the 23 most common random events and (with an additional contribution) from burglary or robbery.

It is also worth taking advantage of the wide range of home insurance assistance as well as legal assistance assistance. Such comprehensive insurance guarantees that in case of damage, we will receive not only specific compensation, but also the current assistance of professionals in the event of flooding or failure of household electronic equipment. Gains and the holder of the loan, and the bank.

On the website www.link4.pl a calculator is available that intuitively guides the user through the various insurance options, calculating the total cost of the policy on an ongoing basis. You can also contact the consultants by phone at 22 4444444 or arrange a direct meeting with an agent who will advise the optimal variant of mortgage insurance. More information, including all limits and restrictions, can be found in the OWU on the site link4.pl.the material was created in cooperation with link4.

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