Microsoft researchers to improve the Oculus Rift

Microsoft researchers to improve the Oculus Rift

As the Oculus at the beginning of June, the retail version of its Virtual Reality glasses Rift, was an announcement is particularly important: “The Rift will work natively with Windows 10,” said a Microsoft Manager. Users will be able to connect the glasses are so easy to a Windows 10 PC and loss can start playing right away, without having a driver software to install. With the announcement of Microsoft, Oculus paved the way in the mass market.

Very satisfied Microsoft does not seem to be the product of his new partner, but the company would like to improve the optical qualities of the computer glasses.

The design files suggest, have been released a few days ago on the Website of the research division of Microsoft Research. They contain detailed construction plans for lenses with the Oculus Rift will substantially be improved.

Calculated automatically

In the read me file of the plans it is, the new lenses have been developed by lens designers at Microsoft Research, and were “a high-quality replacement for the standard lens” that comes with the current Version of the Rift. Although the field of view is slightly smaller, the image with the new lens would appear sharper and have less noise.

The British “The Register” in the Text is additionally a passage pointed out, the lenses had been calculated to be automated “from the LensFactory program developed by Microsoft Research”,. “The Register” interprets that as a note on a new construction program for optical lenses.

In the meantime, the question has been changed set – now it’s just, the lenses had been calculated to be “of a lens design system developed at Microsoft Research”.

Imitate desirable – if you create the

With the release of the design data, Microsoft has made the new lens system, in principle, accessible to everyone. But the described optical System to build, requires equipment that probably hardly anyone at home.

The easiest way should be to get Microsoft used the glass lenses. According to the price list of the manufacturer, the two lenses cost 213,28 Euro.

Really difficult it is to build the lens housing. You’ve got it printed on an Objet Eden 260 in the highest resolution level, it says in the read me files. In the case of Objet Eden 260 is a 3D-printer company Stratasys, a unit price of around $ 20,000.

So, what is the cost of the Oculus Rift, in fact, if you comes at the beginning of 2016 in the trade, Microsoft’s lenses would you increase the price considerably.

But at the end of your read me file make it clear Microsoft’s researchers anyway, who do you construct is thought: “When you use this lens in their research,” should point to the publication, the Microsoft researchers publish soon on the topic.

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