Mark Zuckerberg has an ambitious virtual reality goal
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    • Mark Zuckerberg has an ambitious virtual reality goal

    Mark Zuckerberg has an ambitious virtual reality goal

    Anyone who has heard about Mark Zuckerberg will never say that this person has little initiative.

    The Facebook CEO wants to make a big leap forward in virtual reality. He announced this at the Oculus Connect conference on October 11 in San Jose (California, USA). This is a conference dedicated to games and VR technologies, so Mark Zuckerberg, who has been paying a lot of attention to virtual reality lately, simply could not stay away.

    Our goal is to attract billion users into virtual reality – said Zuckerberg.

    This statement sounds confident and ambitious. VR is still in its infancy, with most hardware developers hesitating to disclose their findings. For information, in the first quarter of 2017, 2.3 million VR devices and headsets with the possibility of implementing augmented reality were sold.

    Last week at TheWrap TheGrill in Beverly Hills, Ted Shilovitz of 20th Century Fox said that the VR industry is still in its “pregnancy” stage, however, another wave of commercialization has already begun.

    One of the key points holding back VR technology from being introduced to the masses was its price. Facebook took a step towards addressing this issue by debuting its $ 199 Oculus Go headset.

    This model is equipped with spatial sound, optimized 3D graphics and a pocket controller (Santa Cruz).

    It is a device that does not need to be connected to a PC, laptop or tablet. It is completely autonomous. The novelty will be available for the library of games Samsung Gear VR, as well as software Facebook. The novelty will go on sale early next year. We can definitely say that this will be the cheapest VR device. More details on the link >>>



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