Live performances at The Under Presents return on April 1

Live performances at The Under Presents return on April 1

The studio Tender Claws has recently released his game Virtual Virtual Reality 2, but it has other features, such as the return of live performances through The Under Presents with the collaboration of the theatre collective Piehole, with those who already surprised us with his version VR interactive Shakespeare’s Tempest (Tempest).

For a limited time and from April 1, when we access the central world of The Under Presents, on the stage of your club we will be able to see a mix of pre-recorded performances with live actors, an experience that will not be the same for all players and that may also vary from one visit to another.

The performances of real actors turned into virtual avatars are a new theatrical genre, immersive and interactive, which is usually open to user participation. In Spain we have the initiative in this regard as those of the Fourth Wall VR platform. It is also something that companies like Niantic have shown interest in, in their case to offer experiences in augmented reality.

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