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    It certificates-which ones are worth having?

    “Certificate of a cure for all evil” – one would like to paraphrase an old Polish song. Yes and no. The case is not so obvious. It is known that it is better to have a certificate than not to have one, but certification does not solve everything.

    For and even against

    It seems that several certificates increase the chance of getting a job in a recognized company and help in career development. It is no coincidence that many recruitment ads raise the issue of certification. However, certification is not only valuable for employers. Certificates organize development.they mean raising skills, they give the feeling that you are becoming an expert in your field.

    For many developers, a certificate equals a promotion, although it can be very different. The problem is that the papers themselves do not give much, and they need to be built up with the right experience and skills. Then the certification becomes the cherry on the cake, and additional privileges confirmed by exams can help you get a better job. Certificate makes it easier to “sell” your services. So what are the odds? It depends, among other things, on the area in which you specialize. On the web, you will find many certificates from different categories, but we have collected four types of certificates for developers. There they are.

    Certificates for developers – examples

    The Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer

    Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certificates are highly recognized because they demonstrate the ability to program applications for various windows products. There are various specialties, for example, web applications, App Builder, Azure AI fundamentals, SharePoint application, Universal Windows Platform, Application Lifecycle Management or Azure solutions architect.

    Oracle Certified Professional

    Oracle certification program, which certifies the skills associated with the products offered by this concern. It’s really step two after Oracle Certified Associatebut not the last. The higher levels are: Oracle certified master, Oracle certified expert and Oracle certified specialist. According to information from Oracle, more than 2.2 million professionals have already certified with this program!

    Java SE Programmer

    We remain in the Oracle circle, this time for Java developers. With its subsequent versions, there are also subsequent versions of certificates at different levels, for example OCPJP (Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE Programmer), where the exam is multi-choice and consists of 60 questionsto which you must answer within 150 minutes. You need 61% points to pass.

    Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional

    This time we have on the tapecertificate that confirms knowledge in the area of Secure Programming, which is of great importance in an era of increasing cyber threats. The holder of such a certificate can boast advanced knowledge of how to avoid software vulnerabilities. Such a specialist in the development team is also a greater credibility of the company.


    As we mentioned earlier, these are not the only certificates available. These, of course, may seem to be the most well-known in the coding field, which does not mean that they are the best. We encourage you to do your own research. Remember, however, that this is no compulsion:) with or without certificates, if you have skills and experience, you can be confident, a great specialist!

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    If you recommend any specific certificates, let us know in the comments! 👇🏻



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