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    Instagram design price

    Instagram is ideal for gaining the trust of users and turning random profile visitors into potential customers of an online store.

    Having correctly designed your profile, you can get ahead of your competitors, stand out from other stores and arouse the sympathy of customers.  Below we will provide prices for design works on Instagram, then there will be a justification and our competencies for creating a design for the main page, highlighters and feed.

    Prices for the design of the profile page in Instagram:

    1)Consultation and creation of a general concept for the Instagarm profile. This list of works includes the analysis and selection of the best solution for the visualization of your products. The price for the work is 10,000 rubles

    2)Creating individual "highlighters" icons for your Instagram profile. The price for one icon is 850 rubles

    3)Creating a mutboard to visualize the general concept of future works for Instagram. The general concept consists of nine images that correspond to the customer's compiled TOR. The cost of the work is 6,500 rubles

    4)Creating a single post for posting on Instagram. The price for the service is 1350 rubles

    5)Creating a post for storis on Instagram – 1350 rubles

    6)Creating a "carousel" for an Instagram post – 3850 rubles for 4 images

    Recommendations for choosing a style and analyzing your Instagram profile:

    • main profile picture;
    • eternal stories;
    • the tape itself.

    In this article, we will show successful works and note the mistakes that can negatively affect the perception of neatness.

    Picture on the main Instagram profile

    An important point is the design of the main profile image.

    • It is best to add a logo with readable image borders, which will highlight you and remain in the memory of users.
    • The main image should be exactly your brand of the online store or your personal profile.  You can not sell makeup products with a picture of Yana Koshkina.  on the main page. Users should clearly see the orientation of the profile, which will be the main label when choosing a purchase.
    • Highlasts should be harmonious and decorated with the main picture in the same style, which will enhance the perception effect of the user.
    • It is important to make sure when placing the main page that it is clearly visible not only from mobile devices, but also from a PC.

    Examples of profile design design.

    Hylasts for eternal stories

    • When making out hylasts, divide them into categories with gradation by importance.
    • In the first three, put your offer and prices that will work as a sales tool and focus the attention of users.
    • After the three main ones, be sure to post reviews of your customers
    • All hylasts must be concisely signed with an indication of the exact purpose of the story
    • The design of the highlasts in the business account is mandatory with the visualization of the general style, this is the trend of 19-21 years.
    • The number of stories should be no more than 10, try to rank and update reviews and suggestions.

    The concept of the ribbon design:

    • The choice of the main style of the feed and the delivery of goods. It is advisable to study the product and consult or hire a designer who will tell you how to visualize the product and how to make good photos or images.
    • We believe that the best content for the feed is thought out and created in the studio with the help of photographers and the creative department. Photos processed and created by the designer, using dies , inscriptions and shapes in photoshop are an order of magnitude lower than the spent material in the studio or on the site.
    • Many publications write about the use of filters and presets for the feed , but we believe that if this element is not in the general concept, it is better not to use it on one photo , at least on three in the general layout.
    • Create photos with a carousel, this method of submission allows you to increase the focus to the offered products by 85%
    • If you decide to work with dies, then be sure to think over the concept of fonts that will fit your project
    • Use a video in the feeds that will be designed with a cover or a frame that fits into the overall concept.
    • The better and more thoughtful the concept, the response is much higher. Avoid simple solutions, they are always boring and can not keep subscribers.

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