AR-Adobe sinhroniziruete work in digital and physical environments

AR-Adobe sinhroniziruete work in digital and physical environments

Adobe has shared new concept called “Dually Noted” that uses AR to provide a smooth joint operation while editing a document in physical and digital versions. Tool sinhroniziruete notes, so they can appear in the physical version of a document via AR.


The concept was introduced as part of a series called Adobe Sneaks, which demonstrates the innovative concept of projects in the works Adobe. These concepts are not necessarily included in the full version, but viewers can vote online for their favorite project Adobe Sneak, in the hope that it will continue.


Dually Noted uses AR to synchronize notes and edits between digital and physical copies. This tool allows you to link the notes made in Adobe Acrobat PDF, physical copy of the document and display in AR using a mobile phone.


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For example, if the author and publisher work together on the final review of the book, the publisher can make annotations on a digital copy of the PDF, then the author can view these annotations overlaid on the physical copy during proofreading. This means that you can tag and view documents physically, but also use the phone to check for any recordings made in a digital form.


However, the application also allows the user AR to respond to notes on my phone that sync back to a digital copy of the document. In addition, AR can be used to highlight and annotate sections of text. The app takes the best of both worlds — allowing for physical inspection and eliminating the need to open a digital copy on your computer to see a few notes that relate to certain pages.


You can watch the full presentation Adobe Dually Noted here . If you like Dually Noted and you want to work on, go to the events page Adobe Sneaks in to Twitter and vote for the project.



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