5 favorite frameworks and languages.
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    5 favorite frameworks and languages.

    Using Stack Overflow data, we have recently described programming languages and frameworks that make programmers reluctant. Today we focus on positive information and again reach for Stack Overflow, but this time to favorite by coders technology.

    Programming languages

    1. Rust

    Rust is the undisputed winner among your favorite programming languages. As many as 73.1% of Stack Overflow users have positive experience in rust coding. Recall that its creator was Graydon Hoare (2006), and then the Mozilla Foundation took care of it. Developers appreciate rust primarily for speed and security. Not unimportant is also the very involved Rust community, which is rapidly and continuously developing this language.

    2. Smalltalk

    A little smaller, but that doesn’t mean that smalltalk has a little sympathy. 67% of programmers believe that it is worth taking the time to learn this language and to code in it. Meanwhile, it is not a new language, it appeared in the early 1970s., created by Alan Kay of Xerox PARC. Smalltalk is simply a large code readability and high functionality, although this language is not often used in commercial implementations. Many people learn smalltalk for the sake of full objectivity, as well as for the sheer pleasure of learning something new. By the way, it is worth adding that under the same name there is a graphical development environment.

    3. TypeScript

    64.1% of coders with Stack Overflow are very fond of the open programming language TypeScript, prepared by Microsoft. This is really a superset of JavaScript, that is, a significant extension of its capabilities. The TypeScript authors came out with the assumption that JavaScript does not meet their expectations when it comes to writing large applications, hence the idea of a new solution was born. As an interesting fact, Angular 2 and its subsequent versions were written in TypeScript.

    4. Swift

    The fourth place of the most popular programming languages was taken by Swift, which was indicated by 63.9% of coders. The successor Objective-C was presented to the world by Apple in 2014 and quickly began to gain popularity. True, he did not bring anything revolutionary, but for this he took all the best from other programming languages. However, most of all, it turned out to be much better than Objective-C. increasingly, there are reports that such technological tuzy, like Google and Facebook, are going to switch to swift.

    5. Go

    Go, often also called Golang, closes the top five favorite programming languages by programmers. 63.3% of Stack Overflow users gave a positive review. The work of Google employees is appreciated primarily for the simplicity and ease of writing, as well as for the high productivity of the code so created.

    Frameworks, libraries and other technologies

    1. React

    This time our summary opens react, which has sympathizers among 66.9% of developers on Stack Overflow. This is a JavaScript library, invented by Facebook programmer Jordan Walke, which has a virtual home and is willingly used to create graphical interfaces of various applications. It also works great with large programs. It is also a very convenient tool, because once created interface components can be used repeatedly.

    2. Node.js

    62.1% of coders bet on node.js, pointing to this platform as one of the favorite technologies that works great for highly scalable web applications. Node.js appeared in 2009, quickly gaining popularity. Developers appreciate this open source platform also for its high speed of operation, and the huge community cares about its continuous development. No wonder node.JS is often used in programming web applications.

    3. .NET Core

    On the podium was still cross-platform development environment from Microsoft. This technology is appreciated by 60.9% of the coders studied. So it seems that the great efforts of the Redmond corporation to promote .NET Core have had an effect, and developers are happy to use this technology. What about the .NET framework? All indications are that he’s going to the Lamus.

    4. Spark

    Apache Spark is an open source platform, which is positively perceived by 60.1% of people working with this technology. Spark allows you to conveniently process huge, distributed data sets, has a very intuitive API, and is also very efficient and extremely fast. No wonder this tool is gaining in popularity all the time. It could not be otherwise in the era of dominant big data.

    5. Firebase

    I must admit, a very interesting situation. It turns out that Firebase ranked fifth in the most popular technologies, which is the same position as it has in the list of technologies that cause dislike, as we wrote about in the previous part of this article. However, supporters of Firebase is slightly more (52.9%) than opponents (47.1%). However, this probably means that this platform for developers is not so bad after all. What do you think?

    In the previous part of the article, we asked you about the types of your unloved languages and frameworks. This time we are doing the same, but we are counting on positive votes. Write down what technologies you like and why.



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