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    IT Outsourcing | IWanta.tech Outsourcing Services

    What is Outsource Development

    IT Outsourcing development implies a structure in which a firm selects to employ a remote creation firm to quickly carry out all the tasks of development affairs that may be done at home(house) instead. Managing with practiced experts who understand the basics of the ideas must promote the result on the market.

    Software Development IT Outsourcing methodology

    Our firm Iwanta.tech proposes to the customers the specialized program development outsourcing methodology which consists of our way of alliance (devoted crew), staff enlargement, and the full set of outsourcing offers. There are some conditions to evaluate when the customers order software outsourcing development. These factors are to take them into account
    • sphere experience
    • technical competence
    • quality product assurance
    • security
    • price
    • cooperation

    Dedicated Team

    The client can expand the creative capabilities, enhance knowledge in new hi-tech experience, and form the software product with our Iwanta. Tech services. Since 2013 we have suggested efficient dedicated formation teams for small and big enterprise companies.

    Staff Augmentation

    Employee evaluation in Iwanta. Tech is one of the software outsourcing approaches that is applied to find the appropriate staff for an undertaking and correspond with the enterprise targets. The main task of this service is the evaluation of the existing experts and determination of what experience and skills are needed to accelerate the capacity and success of the order.

    Full Outsourcing

    Software Outsourcing Services


    Our firm suggests the Front-end it outsourcing development service which includes
    • The full regulation of the formation process
    • The control of product valuable info spread and use.
    • No timezone and location difference


    Our masters suggest customers build the high-quality backend together. For this, the customers must give strict, clear demands for staff, project. More details of the deal are necessary to achieve the goals. The task must be simple and understandable. The determination of the technology stack is obligatory. The info transfer should be organized on time and be accessible  24/7. Also, we must arrange the plan of the meeting, and the connection between all the members of the work together.

    Full Stack

    Remote full-stack is one of our Iwanta.Tech offers that are fully managed by the client. You bring the whole team to your deal and we help you to settle the target quicker and with high value.

    Pros and Cons of IT Outsourcing

    The benefits of IT outsourcing development are presented below Quality The IT outsourcing companies often suggest highly qualified specialists, who in turn produce high-quality products without additional expenses on rent, social issues, and others. The speed of the accomplishment, efficiency, and production are on the highest level. The reaction to customer requests is quicker. Qualification IT Outsourcing companies usually guarantee the proficiency of their specialists, who have already been checked by them earlier. In the experts’ competence, there may include availability, good time management skills, market knowledge, technologies experience, ability to innovation creation.
    • The future - prediction method
    With the growth of new hi-techs, companies should have a specially-created platform for programs to be in trend while technologies exchange with each other.
    • Investment saving
    In general, the average cost for a task per hour is 100$. Remote development costs 55$ /1. It shows the difference between prices offline and online creation. The companies have a chance to save their costs by hiring the outsourcing experts
    • Quick delivery
    A complete product creation period takes a lot of effort, time. The number of working hours for development depends precisely on the volume of the deal and the unique affair application case.
    • Concentration on your desires
    At the start of the cooperation, the IT outsourcing company directs on the origin thoughts the applicant has and tries to transform it properly into a valuable and successful product. Also, the technical experts must guide the client to use the appropriate and fit hi-tech for the order.
    • Universal combination
    Outsourcing may freely combine with large enterprises and startups projects. Companies often hire outsourcing experts to shorten the costs and accelerate the development without additional expenses.
    • no demand for expert employment
    • low work costs
    • complete financial control
    • cooperation with innovative hitech experts
    • modern equipment
    • improved databases
    • support with software optimization and advancement
    • stable and reliable security
    • post-launch handling
    • saving time
    The period and quality that are in combination with saving costs are the principal benefits of outsourcing IT services. The client should tell the hired team what they want and need to have, and they start creating your idea without delay.
    • risk cut
    When the client is sure that your software product is created by an expert group they definitely know that all stages of development will go smoothly after the launching time.
    • going with the pace with trends
    New creation techs such as coding languages, frameworks, and libraries appear so often and what was applied last month can not be used tomorrow. By selecting a program output outsourcing, the client has a master who must be always in tune with trends. The disadvantages of IT outsourcing are the next:
    • Contact matter (web format, expression barrier, misunderstanding)
    • Info theft risk (Confidential info and security are always at risk)
    • Challenges to handle the deadlines (Service delivery which can be below the client expectations or later than planned time).
    • Management alterations in outsourcing firms affect the applicant deal.
    • The agreement and the right for corrections are not adjustable.
    • Lack of stability. The company can be out of the market at any moment.

    Why Our IT Outsourcing Company

    We (Iwanta.Tech) get 5+ years of experience in program development and IT outsourcing services to propose to firms a regretless return on your investment loss. Iwanta.Tech uses all innovative tools and resources to produce high-quality products. Our team and competent supervision are interested in the success of the client activity. Our location does not disturb the work with foreign partners We have multilingual consultants so that no trouble communication happens. Our Iwanta.tech services are flexible to adapt to the demands of the company. Our experts provide constant customer service. The management system of our staff is perfect.



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