Product overview: VTrainer is a smart virtual reality mobile app that lets you learn anything you want. You specify what you wish to learn, for example, to drive a car, play volleyball or tennis, and the app becomes your virtual trainer. The main idea of the app is that you are not watching someone else doing a task, or listening to how another person would do it; you are learning to do it yourself and the VTrainer helps you.

Issues: the client asked us to develop a concept app and system. The app should quickly identify the required subjects, browse through its data to find the best training solution or several ones, show them, letting users choose the best virtual training method for them. Once chosen, the app assists during the whole learning process. We needed to integrate existing voice technologies into the application by means of special APIs and other development tools. The app should be cross-platform, so that the same assistant could be used on smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Since it is a ml training app, gets smarter upon each use.

Technologies used: CAVE, Oculus, HTC Vive, Machine Learning.

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