Product overview: MilkyVR is an engaging milk vr app, which takes children to the magic Milkland. It gives away toy collectibles with their milk products as you scan the product’s pack. After scanning, you are taken to the magic Milkland where you unlock new characters by scanning different farm toys and can interact with them. You have to collect all items of the collection to unlock the second collection.

Issues: The customer wanted the app that could engage children to buy his milk. We had to create an engaging app for children and create funny creations and nice virtual giveaways for kids from scratch. We needed to create the plot of the game, beautifully presenting every its episode. We had to create the whole new universe with its fairyland, characters, and collections.

Technologies used: virtual reality

Result: MilkyVR is a nice, fun and easy to use the application, which is greatly admired by children. The app achieved over 55,000 downloads and a 23% increase in product sales after its launch.

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