Latest Technologies ServReality uses
ServReality has the required talents to design, develop, market and produce any kind of digital solutions using all the current and advanced formats. We have created multiple software solutions for the industrial, commercial, gambling, and public sectors. All of our solutions are tailormade.
Currently, our most commonly used technologies include:


Telling your customers about your services is so 2000s, show them what you offer by means of awesome 3D SOLUTIONS, AR & VR apps. ServReality AR/VR expertise includes the following: Virtual reality apps, Augmented reality apps, Mixed reality apps, 3D modeling (high poly and low poly), 360° video, 3D visualization / 3D virtual tours, and Computer simulation. ServReality developers are expert in major VR/AR  development tools like Vuforia, Layar, ARToolKit, NyARToolkit, LinceoVR, HandyAR,3ds max, Maya, Google plugins, Junaio, FLARToolKit, AR-media, ZBrush, Mudbox World, SketchUp, Blender, Machine, 3D-Coat, Xnormal, MEL, C++, and Wikitude.

Virtual reality apps (VR)

Virtual reality application is an app where there is no real world, but there’s the virtual one. In such an app, rather than being enhanced, the surroundings are replaced to emulate the “suspended disbelief” feeling  – a certain existence without this actual existence. In other words, there is a completely virtual world to navigate and interact in.  Unreal and Unity are major VR gaming development tools used.

Google Cardboard, Facebook 360, Expeditions, and Discovery VR are definitely among the best VR apps to admire.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) app is an app where the real world is enhanced by means of modern technology. To put it simpler, it’s not completely the virtual world, but it’s the existing world with some virtual touch. Marker AR and location AR are two major divisions of AR.

Without any doubts, one of the best AR apps in the gambling niche is still Pokemon Go. Audi, Tesla, and Jeep are some of the huge auto-centric corporations offering VR experiences to enjoy their cars even more.

Mixed reality apps (MR)

Mixed Reality apps (also refer to hybrid reality apps) occur if AR and VR technology got married and got a child. To put it simpler, MR is the best of both the physical and digital worlds. The more advanced and robust technology is used in an MR app than in VR/AR products. You may find MR apps in communication, entertainment, and traveling spheres.

Magic Leap and Magic Beans are one of the best Mixed Reality apps currently available.

3D modeling (high poly and low poly)

3D modeling is the creation of 3D images by manipulating polygons, edges, and vertices in a simulated 3D environment. The dynamic walkthrough is created by means of Unity 3D. Maya, 3DS MAX and ZBRUSH are one of the tools used in 3D modeling. Today, there are numerous spheres where 3D modeling/ 3D rendering is successfully used, not to mention engineering, filming with visual effects, game development, education, and commercial advertising.

The best example of 3D modeling is the hit movie Avatar directed by James Cameron.

360° video

360° videos are special recordings, in which a view is simultaneously recorded in all directions. To create any 360° video, you will need a special omnidirectional camera. What makes 360° videos different from AR/VR or MR is that in it, all you can do is just observe, meaning that there is no possibility for further interactions.

Great White Sharks is a nice sample of a 360° video.

3D visualization / 3D virtual tours

In general, 3D visualization is used in the Real Estate, Home, Travel, Architecture, and Engineering spheres. You can use it for the primary validation of something, such as the house being sold, the novel restaurant which is about to open, or the 3D visualization / 3D virtual tours are best suited for emails correspondence, sharing and if you need to create a realistic and immersive online experience.  

By the way, Google Street View on Google Maps is one of the best examples of 3D visualization.

Computer simulation

Computer simulation is the process of using computer imitating specific situations or replicating a piece of dangerous equipment. In general, computer simulation gives you the ability to  ‘play’ all potential dangers while remaining in a safe environment. Not only it’s a great gaming option, but it also makes a wonderful learning tool once people need to learn how to act in a potentially harmful real-life situation, or simply how to master dangerous activities, which need a lot of practicing before actually doing, for instance, fly on a plane or in a rocket, perform complex operations, and etc.

Trucks & Trailers, Car Parking Driving Simulator, Dr.driving, and Best Brokers: Stock Simulator are just some nice extremely useful computer simulation games you might know.

  • Still hesitating? Major considerations why you should be present in 3D SOLUTIONS, AR & VR APP DEVELOPMENT are:

    1. The innovator status with the ability to unlock the completely unknown worlds, letting people experience something really personal yet incredible at the same time. Who wouldn’t mind testing this out?
    2. Almost endless possibilities and ways to go: from medicine to training, entertainment and communication.
    3. Innovative, enjoyable, and fun: we all enjoyed ourselves playing Pokemon Go right after its launch, right? Why not make your product’s launch as widely spoken about as it was with Pokemon Go?
    4. Being involved in a boom. AR has been a boom these years and is likely to be on its top within next 10 years.
    5. Try before getting. Sell to consumers in ways that never existed before – customers can interact with the objects before actually purchasing them. Let them know how they would be feeling in some particular situation or how something would look like. For instance, if that gorgeous sofa would suit one’s living room.
    6. Real-time event coverage. Attend sport matches or addictive real-time festivals directly from your home, travel to exotic places you never thought you’d go as well.
    7. Attractive, smart and unique presentation of products or services, providing you with more sales and profits.

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