Latest Technologies ServReality uses
ServReality has the required talents to design, develop, market and produce any kind of digital solutions using all the current and advanced formats. We have created multiple software solutions for the industrial, commercial, gambling, and public sectors. All of our solutions are tailormade.
Currently, our most commonly used technologies include:

Outsourcing / Outstaffing services.  

Can’t find the right in-house talents to complete your project? Consider partnering with ServReality. As a company with extensive expertise on the IT market, ServReality has the potential to successfully handle any projects development, both small and big. In a big scheme of things, ServReality can provide you with the devoted team to smoothly manage the whole process of your product development or with the needed IT experts only. Thus, you can have both a devoted programmer or a whole team of IT experts for your next big project. What do you prefer?

Outsourcing services

ServReality can become your helpful IT partner. Outsource with us because we have teams of dedicated developers, software engineers and other IT specialists to bring your soon-to-be-big products to life. We have experts in various languages and diverse technologies: AI, big data, VR/AR, machine learning, IoT, HR, automotive, and cloud technologies.

Outstaffing services

Don’t want to outsource the whole project but there are some talents that you still lack? ServReality can help you! Indeed, we can provide you with the best IT experts – developers, testers, project managers, any… ServReality has the most suiting human resources for your ultimate projects. Why not take advantage of first-class outstaffing then?

Computer Languages:

C++ (GNU Compiler Collection GCC + VS), C, C#, Python, R, Java (Enterprise Edition JEE + Standard Edition JSE),  VB (Visual Basic), VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), Objective C & PHP.

Application development:

mobile apps (Android, iOS, Windows), desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux), VR/AR devices

Management software:

JIra, Confluence, Asana, Zoho, FishEye, and TFS.

Technology and development tools:

Vuforia, Layar, ARToolKit, NyARToolkit, LinceoVR, HandyAR, 3ds max, Maya, Google plugins, Junaio, FLARToolKit, AR-media, ZBrush, Mudbox World, SketchUp, Blender, Machine, 3D-Coat, Xnormal, MEL, and Wikitude.

  • Still hesitating? Consider the key reasons why it is worth to outsource with ServReality:

    1. A-level innovative products reasonably priced
    2. Customer accompanying throughout every stage of the project.
    3. A perfect mix of talent, creativity, and technology.
    4. Flexibility, adaptability, and scalability: expand and grow your business in a snap, recalibrate work processes and embrace new technologies without hassle.

    Anyway, ServReality has found a rich pool of highly trained IT professionals, built the work process, and we can now scale a team to meet any project size.

Interested in working with the best app developers? Let’s get started!

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