Latest Technologies ServReality uses
ServReality has the required talents to design, develop, market and produce any kind of digital solutions using all the current and advanced formats. We have created multiple software solutions for the industrial, commercial, gambling, and public sectors. All of our solutions are tailormade.
Currently, our most commonly used technologies include:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions

Great experiences don’t just happen. To achieve consistent and fun experiences, we must try and retry multiple times, dealing with mistakes and troubleshoots on our way. ServReality provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning solutions, aimed at improving any experiences in a rapid way. A large set of data, information, and knowledge along with neural network architecture are being carefully collected and analyzed, which makes it possible to achieve state-of-the-art accuracy and prevent errors from happening. In fact, AI not only automates the activities of your departments, providing greater effectiveness, but it also drives down cost and time resources and makes smart predictions and suggestions by collecting, analyzing and learning from the data it already possesses. In most cases, AI with its self-learning algorithm exceeds the performance of humans. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions are mostly admired by healthcare, automotive, finance, along with fraud prevention and cybersecurity niches and other safety-critical industries. ServReality hires one of the best PhD experts in the AI niche. Our AI expertise includes the following: Chat Bots, Machine learning solutions, Computer vision, Deep learning & neural networks, Natural language processing, Sentiment analysis (SA), Predictive modeling, Reinforcement learning, Anomaly detection.

Chat Bots

Chat Bots are special AI-powered messengers that give you the feeling that you speak to a person rather than to a machine. Such chat bots automate customer service functions and are used in many businesses so far, not to mention e-commerce and entertainment. ServReality is expert in the most powerful conversational AI chatbot platforms, such as IBM Watson, Microsoft Bot Framework, Pandorabots,, Chatfuel, ChatScript, ManyChat, It’s Alive, and

Cleverbot, Eviebot, and Mitsuku are one of the best samples of Chat Bots.

Computer vision (CV)

Intelligent image analysis, that is how we can describe computer vision. Special computer vision techniques are applied to analyze images and extract the data, which are then carefully analyzed. Currently, the machine-learning image analyzer allows programs to face the world in a similar way as we do.  One of the other advantages CV offers is that it makes it possible to develop relatively basic apps with amazing results.

Snapchat, Clarontech, NorthStar, and LeafSnap, Google photos are some of the apps using computer vision algorithms

Deep learning & neural networks

To analyze data, the computer uses learning, but deep learning & neural networks are more than that. Unlike other AI technologies, in deep learning, multiple layers of processing are involved at once, thus, the data is processed to a more refined point. Deep learning & neural networks suggest learning by examples. Image processing and identification are major options deep learning has to deal with nowadays. The ServReality team can make, test, teach, and implement totally connected deep neural networks to your applications, making them even more robust, powerful, smart, and promising.

To put it simpler, here are two cool samples what deep learning has to offer:

  1. While Facebook allows you automatically tagging photos, with deep learning, many awesome areas in an image can be identified. Plus, it allows writing a sentence to describe what happens in each area.
  2. In the self-driving car, it’s the deep learning technology that recognizes a stop sign and distinguishes a pedestrian from a lamppost.

Dango is also a good example describing how an app can benefit from deep learning.

Natural language processing (NLP)

Natural language processing can be compared with a bridge between human communication and digital data. The main idea of NLP is to teach computers to use language like we, people, do. NLP techniques analyze and classify data in real time.

ServReality can assist you with NLP applications development and implementation.

EnglishCentral, Insight Engines, Desti, and NetBase are just some of the most attention-worthy examples of NLP.

Machine learning solutions

Machine learning apps are based on training a deep neural network. They can re-program themselves based on new data. Today, machine learning is used in dozens of industries, starting from FinTech and security, and image and voice recognition, to healthcare, automotive, and smart cities. By creating smart machine learning algorithms in Python & R and other languages, ServReality PhD developers utilize major machine learning frameworks, for instance, DeepLearning4J, Theano, Torch, TensorFlow, Caffe2, and Apache MXNet. Partner with ServReality to incorporate machine learning into your ultimate business processes.

The best examples of machine learning solutions are: Oval, Carat, and Sea Hero Quest. To visually understand how machine learns, check Train Your Tic Tac Toe.

Sentiment analysis (SA)

By conducting deep Sentiment analysis, the computer tends to understand if the expressed sentence is positive, negative or neutral. So, it lets reveal the real attitude of a speaker. ServReality can help you not only understand how your users feel at a glance, but also improve their relationships towards your product by strategically planning for further actions and campaigns.

Appbot is one of best describing SA apps currently available.

Predictive modeling

Predictive Modeling solutions can help you enhance decision-making and drive new smart business models. There are multiple ways your business can benefit by means of Predictive Modeling. Commonly, predictive modeling algorithms take statistics to predict outcomes, prevent churn, detect crimes and even identify suspects. For instance, Google in Gmail uses predictive modeling to determine which letters are most likely spam, and which are not.

Reinforcement learning (RL)

Reinforcement Learning is a part of AI, letting software agents and machines automatically figure out the perfect behavior in a concrete context. That allows achieving greater productivity. For instance, due to RL, the owner of the industrial product can cut down the transit time for stocking, find items within its warehouse for optimizing space utilization and other common warehouse activities. ServReality can create your product’s ultimate Reinforcement learning algorithms, providing you with the further space for development, planning, and optimization.

Fanuc is regarded as the best example of functionality Reinforcement Learning can provide you with.

Anomaly detection

Anomaly detection is the process of massive quantities of data analyzing aimed at figuring out any kind of anomaly.  Special anomaly detection techniques, depending on the nature of data and circumstances, are being created to help detect and prevent any troubleshoots your business might face. Monitoring and predictive maintenance, healthcare, bank, and FinTech industries take advantage of Anomaly Detection.

ServReality can create and implement special techniques tailored to your project ultimate requirements to regularly scan your data for anomalies, protecting your customers from various malware, viruses, and data loss.

Google, Facebook, and various online banking institutions use anomaly detection on a regular basis to prevent their users’ accounts along with their data and assets from being stolen. For example, if you log into your Gmail from any novel location, you will need to confirm that it’s you, not the other third party, who is accessing the platform.

  • Still hesitating? Consider the key reasons why it is worth to be present in AI:

    1. Smarter working options, providing competitive advantage
    2. More accurate automation
    3. Huge time, human and cost resources savings
    4. Errors, pitfalls and troubleshoots prevention
    5. Improved demand planning
    6. Smart predictions with novel ways to go and flourish
    7. Business protection, both physically and digitally.


    Thus, it might be said without exaggeration, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning will not only improve your business activities and optimize your budget and time expenses, but it will also safeguard your business physically and digitally. An ServReality gives you the ability to outperform the gigantic market competition with the power of AI.

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