Product overview: SweetHomeAR is an augmented reality app, which makes it possible to virtually test drive furniture and home goods. With it, you can check how any item would look like in your house, room or any other place. The camera of your phone will capture the item you wish to check, the app will analyze its characteristics (size, material, color, etc.). Then you need to specify where you wish to place this item in your house, room, flat, any other premise. The app then analyzes the surroundings and shows you how that item would look like as realistic as possible.

Issues: We needed to create photo-realistic, highly interactive visualizations of places for ar. We had to properly apply the mixture of spatial presentation with real-time configuration capability. Plus, that should be really simple and engaging to use. Additionally, the app should be IOs and Android compatible.

Technologies used: Android SDK, Android NDK, C/C++

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