Customer’s goals

To create the VR immersion practice to demonstrate the construction details for the clients. The video shows visually the client experience with all necessary details to attract the audience and to promote the company’s performance.


Our goal was the following:

  • Create VR user experience without human disorientation and confusion
  • To implement 3D animation and rendering in VR project
  • To create 3D design from scratch
  • To develop displays for 3D screens

High-quality product delivered

The presentation of VR client practice is viewed by thousands of people in all cities within 6 months. The cooperation of companies has a good impact on the growth of sales, improvement of VR and 3D technology skills, and goal achievements.

Details of the project

This project’s team included:

  • three Unity3D developers
  • two 3D designers
  • one texture artist
  • one 3D animator
  • one technical artist
  • one Project Manager

The acceptable platforms for this project are the following:

  • Oculus -Go, -Rift,
  • Steam VR,
  • Gear VR.

С++ and C# are the applied programming languages, which were used for Unity 3D and VR.

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