XenThung — mod Half-Life: Alyx, adding Horde mode

XenThung — mod Half-Life: Alyx, adding Horde mode

New mod, released on the last weekend of the fan developer Manello, includes full based on the waves of Horde mode for Alyx. In Horde mode, which is the basis for many a full-fledged VR games, players reflect the wave of attackers, trying to stay alive as long as possible. In this fashion players are doing just that.



During the battle you will earn money (resin) that you can use to stock up on ammo between the waves. You will fight for high scores or, in other words, to brag to your friends.


XenThung is now a little buggy, but it’s just a hastily created a fun, reliable releasing of the physical system Alyx from reasonable limitations of the design of the Valve. Although it starts out pretty easy in a few rounds you will already be hereby throwing themselves at you from all sides. Suffice it to say, if you find Alyx terrible and terrifying VR experience, the same thing is happening here.


Plus there are great Easter eggs and hidden features. For example, you will be able to spend more than a fleeting few seconds, holding a crowbar, and a locked room containing many valuables, if you will certainly be able to find the key.


This is one of the first full mods, who appeared for Alyx since its release less than a month ago, and it says that this game still has a long “modified” life.


XenThung can download for free, with instructions on how to do it, read here . Moreover, to release it on Github means that anyone who wants to add new maps to the mode, can do it.



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