Women in IT

Women in IT

Most often they are between 25 and 30 years old, and work gives them great satisfaction and brings them many professional benefits. This is a picture of Polish women in it. We’re looking at how the ladies are doing in the field of new technologies.

It is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, but it is also heavily male-dominated. However, this does not mean that you can not meet ladies there. On the contrary. In recent years, there has been an increasing trend in the presence of women in it. This is also strongly encouraged by the European Commission, which points out that if they were as present in the IT industry as men, the GDP of the European Union could grow by up to an additional EUR 9 billion per year. The European Commission’s forecast is also in favour of a greater presence of women in it-up to one million IT workers may be missing in six years. All this despite the fact that in countries such as Poland, computer science has been one of the most popular fields of study for many years, as we already wrote in the article “universities for programmers – which are the best in Poland?”. So today we check what is the presence of women in polish it and what is their professional situation.

Polish IT in the eyes of women

Interesting information about Polish women in the IT industry is provided by the report “women in it” prepared in 2016. We learned from it that 34% of the polkas studied already have an education in the field of it (7% have more than one faculty), and 14% are only in the process of studying information technology. 52% of women employed in it are aged 25-30 years. Mobility is a characteristic of people working in the field of new technologies. As many as 63% of the women surveyed have changed their place of residence for professional reasons.

The majority, because 63%, of women in IT departments are employed in companies in the telecommunications and information technology industry, and 11.5% – in marketing and advertising. The third place was occupied by banking and finance (3.9%). The report also provides interesting information about the positions that are most often occupied by the beautiful sex in it. It turns out that they are mostly employed as software developer (22.4%), Software tester (10.9%), project manager (9.9%), Business analyst (7.7%) and IT consultant (7%). 42.4% of women are employed on an open-ended contract, 18.6% – on a temporary basis, 13.4% perform their duties in the form of self-employment, and 7.7% as a contract assignment.

We already wrote about earnings in the IT industry in the article ” salaries in it-what can polish programmers count on?”. Now it is worth checking what rates most often can count on the beautiful sex. It turns out that only 4.4% of women earn more than 10 thousand. PLN per month, 11.7% receives a salary of up to 7 thousand. PLN per month, 20.1% – up to 5 thousand. PLN, and the most (23.1%) earns up to 3.5 thousand. zł per month. As with men, women in it earn more when they have years of experience. Interestingly, as many as 68% of the women employed in it had previously worked outside the IT industry.

Woman in IT checks out

The current opinion that the IT industry is ideal only for men, there is no confirmation in reality. Women are excellent in areas related to computer science. They are often more meticulous and thorough than men. In many cases, they are based primarily on their competence, and less often they are driven by impulsive action. They also plan tasks perfectly and have no problem enforcing work from subordinates.

Their great asset is also empathy and the ability to defuse conflict situations. Many people also point out that the presence of women in companies previously dominated by men has a very positive effect on the working climate. They often also possess high soft skills. On the other hand, stereotypes are still strong and many computer scientists can not imagine colleagues in the team. However, a woman can be just as good a programmer as a man.

Finally, it is worth pointing out that even women themselves are increasingly seeing a change in the mentality of people working in the IT field, although of course there is still much to be done in this area. According to a previous report, 44% of women have never had to deal with professional adversity due to their gender. Only 8% of respondents admitted that it is more difficult for them in the profession because they are women. Let’s hope that this percentage will fall quickly, which we sincerely wish all the ladies of the IT industry.

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