Wireless charging MagSafe for 12 iPhone charges very slowly

Беспроводная зарядка MagSafe для iPhone 12 заряжает весьма неторопливо

Apple has released a wireless charger. This “Apple” of the company, we recall, stated at a press conference at the release of the iPhone 12, which took place on 13 October this year. The device was developed by Apple for wireless charging iPhone 12 and other devices, however, were not nearly as brisk as expected, and not too powerful. To such conclusion came in the Wall Street Journal by charging MagSafe. Note that MagSafe is technically the continuation of the project AirPower, which was never put into serial production because of their extreme unreliability.

Charging AirPower, recall, was drafted twice, both times to full production is not reached, the project turned into a failure. She, recall, was a typical charging standard Qi with a large number of induction coils which when charging overheat and perumytilus. Insulated mutually and failed (without any loss of charging potential), so Apple turned to the development and production of more simple devices. MagSafe, recall, is also not brand new is the forgotten brand of chargers for a laptop. Such a charge based on the magnetic fasteners, the main idea lies in the possibility of safe otlamyvanija charging cable when grazing, he will emphasize on the magnets. Presented a similar charger was still in the distant 2006.

MagSafe charging is much more simple attributes and does not contain anything extraordinary. Its power, however, equal to 15 W is twice the average Qi chargers, which is 7.5 watts. However, the MagSafe can only be issued with one signature power supply. If you connect the MagSafe to the old unit from the iPhone with a power of 18 W, the power of wireless charging will significantly decrease — up to 13 watts. But any other unit (including 96-watt device from the MacBook), will provide a maximum of only 10 watts with a MagSafe connection. Power is probably limited by electronics experts believe that these restrictions have been created artificially. To do users still can not do anything without brand power supply capacity is still limited to 10 watts. Since Apple has stopped putting in the kit with iPhone charger, when you buy an iPhone 12 and other devices and wish to charge it wirelessly probably still have to buy not only a new MagSafe charger, but the new 20-watt power supply.

In this case, as shown by tests, MagSafe charging apparatus with the intermediate speed – slower than wired charging, but faster than the other Qi charging. The test showed a charge of 50% of the smartphone battery during the 1.5 hours from conventional charging Qi, 1 hour – MagSafe and 28 minutes cable. The device took 7,5 ; 15 and 20 W, respectively. Thus, MagSafe really charges much faster than the other Qi-charging, but energy losses are also more significant efficiency compared to wired charging is equal to 62% (the other Qi – 83%).

The cost of wireless charging, officially proclaimed by Apple in this case is 4 990 rubles (in Russia). Charging compatible with other Qi – connectors, but experts are skeptical of its high popularity, largely in connection with falling incomes and the ongoing problems with the coronavirus.

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