VRGO Mini is a compact and comfortable device for movement in VR

VRGO Mini is a compact and comfortable device for movement in VR

The British hardware manufacturer VRGO first appeared on the scene virtual reality in 2015, when the company launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for a new mobile device called VRGO Chair. At that time, the developers of virtual reality were still struggling for the best way to go in virtual reality. From VRGO was a simple idea United a Bluetooth chair with a rounded bottom, so that the players could carry its own weight and accordingly to move their virtual “I”. Now, VRGO has improved this design with VRGO Mini.




The same principles still apply in that the players are physically moved to walk or run in a certain direction, but this time the design is much more compact and convenient for storage. While the original chair VRGO successfully fought with a decrease in feelings of nausea during VR immersion, it was not soft and particularly cheap, the cost to start at 299.99 pounds.


VRGO achieved success in the corporate space, but not so much when it comes to the consumer market. Soon to correct this problem will appear VRGO Mini — controller, which will be fully controlled by your “fifth point” and cost less than its predecessor.


VRFocus was Bristol VR Lab, which is based VRGO VRGO to test the Mini, and it’s safe to say that even in the prototype device is impressive. As you can see from the pictures above, VRGO Mini is designed to sit on a chair or even on the couch, whether it be a soft office chair, or over a hard dining chair. It uses the same chipset as in VRGO Chair, for the registration of changes of direction, so most of the basic work on creation of the vr device has already been done.


First and foremost, the design catches the eye of a soft top for a comfortable gameplay, as if you are sitting on a soft chair. Underneath is what looks like a hemisphere, to help elevate the device and provide the much-needed swing function, so you can spin and tilt. VRGO added a new feature which was not on the original chair — tactile feedback. In the earlier version had four sensors, some of which was unnecessary, therefore, in the current model, there were two. But even this was more than necessary, so the final version may include only one.


VRGO Mini image2


From the point of view of management, VRGO Mini is very easy to use and addictive. Is still, fidgeting on the seat, slightly shifting the weight to start walking, and then even more to run. The first test was on the PlayStation VR, where he played in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR. In test conditions, had no problems with Jogging, fighting with various creatures of the game, shooting and all other movements. Head to the dungeon was a little harder when it came to tight corridors and corners at 90 degrees. VRGO Mini would also provide a small angle of approximately 45 ° when turning left or right, but not the full 90 °, which instinctively forced instead to turn the whole body.


The second test was with Oculus Quest and the game Journey of the Gods, and it is here that VRGO Mini really showed itself from its best side. VR-the game is good by itself and was just as pleasant to VRGO Mini. In combination with a wireless headset and a complete monitoring solution for 360 ° navigation in the Journey of the Gods was the most trouble-free. Some solutions for VR, such as Cybershoes, provide a natural system of movement, but after a while players get tired, and VRGO Mini is no longer a problem. Another point worth mentioning, depending on the degree of disability from users regarding tion, VRGO Mini could also offer greater inclusivity.


What distinguishes VRGO Mini is its simplicity. The theory is the same as the 3dRudder, plus it is wireless, so it can charge at the same time with the Oculus Quest. This year, there have been several Kickstarter achievements in the field of hardware and VRGO Mini has already started a campaign for financing the price of “Super Early Bird” start from just 119 pounds.




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