VR first fitness game with a mixed reality

VR first fitness game with a mixed reality

HitMotion: Reloaded combines VR, MR and exercises to create a truly unique fitness experience.


Virtual reality has changed the way of interaction between the gamer and video games. With the introduction of immersive entertainment VR games ceased to be just a sedentary experience. Instead, users get up to his feet, interacting with their digital environment is much more physically than normal gaming consoles and games on the PC. Many of the games can actually increase the heart rate to a level that can burn serious calories.


Through games such as Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer, Audio, Trip and Pistol Whip people exchange membership to their gyms on a virtual headset and often see great results. Mat Chacon, CEO of Doghead Simulation used VR for training and he has lost 7 pounds, gaining serious muscle mass. With the success of this physically active experience, several studios have begun to explore their own immersive games focused on fitness.


HitMotion: Reloaded is a new game-training, developed by New Walkers, half-Boxing, half Dodger, and 100% beneficial for the cardiovascular system.



What distinguishes this game from its virtual cousins, so it’s unique using the technology of mixed reality. Using the capabilities of the HTC Vive Focus Plus, the players participating in the exercise with virtual reality, you can see their real environment during training. It’s like a private gym with a mixed reality (MR), minus the need for any expensive equipment. Allowing users to view the situation in the real world, being in the headphones, HitMotion: BFE significantly reduces the risk of any accidental collisions; no need to punch walls or others!


Using MR as a virtual security network, players can make full use of your game room, punching objects, trying to score as many points as possible. To score the most points, you need to hit moving targets, using the right hand and the appropriate type of shot. Motion sensors keep track of the player’s hand when they throw hooks, jabs and uppercuts during every round.


While the players continue their virtual workout with some of the objectives even begin to strike back! Players must be ready to Dodge various attacks from several enemies. It only takes a few rounds of dives to even physically developed players felt the fatigue.



Currently HitMotion: Reloaded available as a free demo for Focus Plus Vive, but the creators plan to make the full game available soon.


In an interview VRScout Antony Vitello, a specialist in multimedia development and PR at New Technology Walkers, said: “We will start with Vive Plus Focus, and then possibly moving the game to other platforms in 2020,” adding, “it’s because the project is supported by HTC from the start (with the hardware and a small financial support). But in 2020 we will look at other platforms!”


As previously stated, experience is still in development, so the visual effects are a bit rough at the moment. New technologies Walkers decided to launch early to get immediate feedback from users in the hope to continually improve the experience.



HitMotion has already been demonstrated at WCVRI in Nanchang, China, and received very positive feedback from major companies, including HP, HTC, Huawei and more than 150 other people who tried them MR.



Although Vitello says HitMotion: Reloaded is still “rough”, the truth is that this is a very sharp MP-game that is showing promising results as an effective fitness solution. HitMotion: Reloaded is available for free download in the store Viveport.



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