VR-adventure "Under The Presents" comes out on Steam this week

VR-adventure “Under The Presents” comes out on Steam this week

The Under Presents (2019), multiplayer theatrical adventure, originally created for Quest and Rift, goes in Steam on April 16 that includes support for all standard SteamVR-compatible headsets.


“The Presents Under,” created by independent Studio Tender Claws, known for their breakthrough experience “Virtual Virtual Reality” (2017) and new York-based company live theatre Pie Hole , is a game of a different type.


Described by its creators as “part game, part theatre, part extravaganza”, Under Presents the mashup includes live and recorded performances of actors, as well as temporary and mind-blowing multi-user environment, centered around “The Under”, a special dimension outside of time and space, where you lead by a mysterious owner.


Users have given the game a rating [5/5] on the platforms, Quest and Rift. It is definitely an experience unlike any other. Check it out on Steam here .




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