Virtual reality: organizations in the field of VR

Virtual reality: organizations in the field of VR

On our website you will find all organisations which provide services in the field of virtual reality – VIRTUAL REALITY CLUBS, SHOPS, VIRTUAL REALITY, and VR COMPANY.


Virtual reality in Moscow presented a wide variety of different companies. They are divided into several varieties:

  • vr-clubs — cozy place, where with the help of virtual reality helmets and desktop computers can play a variety of games. In Moscow there are some tens. Many clubs also provide services of on-site attraction and rent VR.
  • vr-rides – first and foremost, it is the polygon with the dynamic movement in physical space. They use vr helmets and vr-backpacks and accessories, as well as virtual reality glasses for smartphones. In addition to polygons, it is also individual rides are usually concentrated in shopping centres and other places of a mass congestion of people.
  • anticafe virtual reality casinos, which games in VR combined with other leisure activities e.g. Board games. Payment is usually for the total time spent in anticafe.
  • amusement parks – another kind of vr organizations, the hallmark of which is the variety of all sorts of attractions concentrated in one place.
  • company vr – are developing virtual and augmented reality: applications, software, content, games.


Literally every day virtual reality in Moscow is becoming more diverse. There are new clubs and attractions that draw an increasing number of visitors. This is due to the fact that virtual reality is gaining popularity not only among the creators of the business, but also among consumers. The forecasts in this area are quite optimistic and allow us to conclude that in a few years vr will be the main form of entertainment.

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