Varjo is launching a VR headset-2 with support for SteamVR, improved "bionic display" option and hand tracking

Varjo is launching a VR headset-2 with support for SteamVR, improved “bionic display” option and hand tracking

Varjo produces two successors of his “bionic” VR headset VR-1.


A unique feature headsets Varjo that they have the angular resolution equivalent to the human eyes in the center of the image. There are two displays for each eye in a headset Varjo. There are more peripheral and smaller foveal display the display toward the middle through the optical combiner. All headsets Varjo yet have a field of view of 87 degrees.



The main improvement in a series of VR-2 in comparison with the previous model is the addition of prismatic diffusing film to the peripheral display manufactured by 3M. Varjo says that this eliminates the screen door effect. This should make the entire image more natural, although the center will be much more detailed than peripheral.


The calibration pixels for the peripheral display is also used, which means improved consistency of image and reduced the effects of “Mura”.


VR-2 and VR-2 Pro is practically identical, but the Pro includes a built-in tracking fingers Ultraleap (formerly Leap Motion), twice as long (10 meters) cable and counterweight for improved ergonomics. Many customers Varjo already added Leap Motion, so the possibility of its integration is more than a convenience.


Варджо против Vive Pro


All headsets Varjo also get support for SteamVR. This should allow customers to use software that does not support Varjo SDK. SteamVR, however, treats the headset as a headset with a regular resolution, so the SteamVR application can’t take advantage of the unique system of foveal display headset. This means that the SDK application Varjo will continue to display the best quality in the headset.


Runtime Varjo is also supported positional timewarp. Position temporary change should enable intensive applications such as CAD system with ray tracing support 90 Hz when the frame rate usually drops.


Varjo VR-2


In a perfect virtual VR headset you will see the highest resolution wherever you directed. Varjo said, however, that he has not yet reached its final goal headset with dynamic foveal region. The company reports that it is connected with the difficulties of creating a VR headset with constantly moving parts that will not break. However, they investigate this feature


Varjo VR-2 and VR-2 Pro is now available for purchase for 4995 € 5995 € respectively.



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