Updating Pavlov VR: zombie, new maps and offline mode

Updating Pavlov VR: zombie, new maps and offline mode

Popular multiplayer shooter in the style of Counter Strike Pavlov VR in a recent update got a bunch of new content.


About the update it was announced in a message on the Steam page of the game . The update includes new modes and maps, including new zombies mode. “Finally, after several years [sic] of missed deadlines we were able to deliver zombies in Pavlov”, — stated in the message. “You can play offline or online. We will continually update this regime.”


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The update also includes a “Killhouse”, a new map/mode which allows you to warm up in offline mode and also in offline mode “Hunt”.


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There are also two new maps,Container Yard (Container yard) and Siberia (jail) (Siberia, prison). The update also says that developers “will bring new cards on a regular basis from this point until the game’s release — February 27, 2021.” This seems to be the first mention of a full release date of the game, which currently still is in early access.


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Meanwhile, the developer is planning a “Lite” version of the game for the Oculus Quest 19 Dec. Version Quest will be free — a significant difference compared to the PC version of VR, which price increased from $ 9,99. and $ 24.99 with this update. This brings the price in line with similar VR FPS, Onward , which also just received support for custom maps and the updated AI in a recent update.




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