Turn your room into a planetarium with Skygaze XR

Turn your room into a planetarium with Skygaze XR

Summer is a good time to go out to contemplate a starry night, but with Skygaze XR there is no need to leave our room or matter if the sky is cloudy. This application, whose free demo can be downloaded from App Lab for Quest and Quest 2, allows us to identify constellations and planets using mixed reality.

The developers are finding the Meta Quest Passthrough useful, and if you like astronomy you have to try Skygaze XR. The first thing of all is to configure our room, although there is a more or less functional automatic option. Then you can make the ceiling slide so that you can see the sky. If we wish, we will also make the walls disappear, thus achieving a greater field of vision.

The positions and movement of objects in the solar system are calculated in real time based on our geographical location and the time of day, but we can modify these parameters to our liking and see the sky of another hemisphere or ours at a different time.

The demo allows you to differentiate stars, constellations and planets, which we can zoom in to get more information. When the title is complete we will also be able to locate satellites and it will have a telescope simulator. Skygaze XR has been developed by Emanuel Tomozei. It is in English, and in addition to all of the above, you can also transform our room into a planetarium, and watch projections on a virtual spherical screen.

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