Triton VR is a multiplayer game for the Oculus Quest

Triton VR is a multiplayer game for the Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest (yet) does not support network local track multiple headsets. Now with Triton VR was released a prototype of the game, which offers exactly this functionality.


One of the most attractive aspects of the Oculus Quest is the ability to access virtual reality in any place at any time without the need for cumbersome gaming PCs or external sensors.


In the result of a Quest rapidly becoming the device of choice for developers of VR-based positioning. One of these developers already offers the alpha version of their own project for the Oculus Quest based on location, and although the experience is quite rough, it is also one of the most fun to date in a headset Quest.



Available for “side-loading” in the Oculus Quest, Triton VR is a local multiplayer virtual reality experience that allows four players to occupy the same space of virtual reality and to fight with different weapons, both long-range and melee combat in real-time. Unlike other multiplayer shooters, players in Triton VR moved around the game world, physically walking through the environment.


Experiencing the experience, users were pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to start a local multiplayer game. Following the instructions on the screen, each of the players creates a system of boundaries and otkalibrovani their real position, standing in the center of the playing space. After calibration, each player moves to the designated starting place in the play area, and then around the automatically generated arena melee. Using a range of powerful weapons, from assault rifles to shotguns, gamers then are sent to hunt each other around the maze of battle.



Despite the fact that visuals can be simple (lots of 3D resources is far from over), multiplayer game in the free roaming gives you the most fun in the headset Quest: the simple ability to physically run and hide for cover adds a unprecedented number of dives in the battle. There are even several different game modes and maps to choose from, offering the perfect experience of free movement for any moderately large space.


Of course, Triton VR is still in alpha stage, so there are many bugs that are worth paying attention to.


One such issue is the calibration process. Despite the fact that the game is given enough space and spent some time on a careful calibration of the actual position, the possible options starting positions of the players outside of the border, making it virtually impossible to start the game. However, the developer stated that in the near future the game will be added to the Visualizer bounds, which should simplify the determination of the total size of the gaming environment. And though the developer claims that the alpha release supports up to four players simultaneously, it is quite difficult to do at this stage.



Despite this, Triton VR is an excellent example of the growing potential Quests as a virtual reality device based on the location. Currently, work is underway on several quests in a virtual reality, such as I-Illusions of Space Pirate Arena and local multiplayer co-op experience Thrust Vector.


Triton VR available for free download Oculus Quest right now. Just download the necessary files and install them on your headset Quest through a Sidequest . To be aware of new improvements and updates, be sure to follow the official Reddit Tetra Studios.



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