The world of men and machines will be United. Problem will be the ethical principles for the use of artificial intelligence and the question of how to deal with it

– People and machines can really interact with each other. However, at present, we are dealing with a situation in which all our activities are focused on the technology, and other aspects odsuwane on the side. In the next decade there will be new supercomputers will reach voice, artificial intelligence and will be talking machines. We could make a whole bunch of different incredible things. However, you need to make sure that we still have control over it and it’s still good for us – emphasizes Gerd Leonhard, futurist and Director of The Futures Agency in Switzerland.

There is no escape

Before the new technology there is no escape. Created quantum computers with a powerful computing power, which can crack any code, accurately foresee the consequences of atmospheric phenomena or create ultrabezpieczne satellite communication network. Only in 2010-2016 investment in technology development of quantum computers in the United States has allocated more than $ 200 million On superkomputerami work and other world powers, including China, Canada and Australia.

There is also robotics. Dell Technologies predicts that by 2030, new technologies and robots will be present in almost every field of life. Artificial intelligence is invading almost any area of life, and virtual reality is becoming a rarity.

– Some technologies may be surprising, but not until the end we serve. An example is virtual reality, which can lead to a number of side effects. We must therefore find a balance between what we wanted and what we can do with technology. Necessary, therefore, a system that will allow us all to control it – assesses Gerd Leonhard.

Despite the gradual digitization of the society are not to be prepared. Use its options, but may not understand the threats.

– The biggest problem is the economic system in which priority is profit. Large technology companies have a lot of power, which in a very small degree subject to any control. These bumps become more successful the company becomes a kind of cartel, since technology is constantly evolving. It does that to compete with them is very difficult. Lacking adequate rules that you need to even the odds on the market. Missing the methods of the redistribution of income, for example, through taxes, says futurologist.

Impact on people’s daily lives

New technologies create competitive advantage of companies. According to the report, “Accenture Technology Vision 2018”, 84 percent. representatives of the managerial staff estimates that, thanks to technology, companies gain more influence on people’s daily lives. However, this is not always a positive influence.

If we all focus on making money through technology, all will be technology. Then, we humans will have any value is because we just are not effective. I think we have about ten years to start seriously working on this problem. By 2050, it’s likely we will find ourselves at the point where the world of humans and machines become one. We had to make a choice what we want to be,” says Leonard.

According to scientists years 2040-2050 will be the first in history, the period in which artificial intelligence will reach human features or they precede. However, it is necessary that new technologies use for the benefit of mankind and to implement the relevant regulations in order to avoid hazards.

We should adopt so-called triple-Foundation – people, planet, prosperity. Already in discussion emerges the theme of transition to something like postkapitalizmu, a new way of thinking about what we want from the world, – said the Director of The Futures Agency in Switzerland. – We deal with many other problems, so the technology also, we will be able to subdue. 90%. what awaits us in the future, just fine, and only 10 percent. looks less promising. You just need to follow so it’s 10 percent. not grown suddenly to 50 percent.

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