The update adds Oculus Quest led digital IPD

The update adds Oculus Quest led digital IPD

Oculus Quest includes the IPD slider in the lower part of the headset that adjusts the distance between the lenses for perfect alignment with the eyes of a user, which is important for visual comfort and clarity. However, since launch there was no way to know the actual width settings IPD, and the people mostly could not guess correctly whether they are installed. A recent update added Oculus digital display that shows the current position of IPD.


Now, when you move the IPD setting in the lower part of the headset, there is a small pop-up window with the eye icon and the numeral indicating the current setting of IPD in millimeters.


The hardware required for the measurement of the position of IPD, was built in to Quest at launch, but was not active until the last update. Since Oculus is constantly adding features in the headset using update on a rolling basis, it is unclear exactly when this feature was added, but some of the users found it as “Version” If the update has not yet arrived on your Quest and you can not wait to wait, you can force update the firmware of the VR headset to the latest version.


Why is an important indicator of IPD


Despite the fact that you can move the slider IPD Quest instead of reading the current settings, users are basically left to guess whether they did the setting as to compare it do nothing. Manual tuning IPD without calibration really difficult; even if you get close (say, within 5 mm of the actual value IPD), it still can significantly affect the visual accuracy and comfort.


Measuring your IPD



In fact, the definition of own measurements of IPD in itself is still a clumsy process which is unlikely to become easier while tracking the equipment will not fall into more set. If you do not know the exact values next time when you visit the ophthalmologist, you can also use a ruler and mirror to measure your own IPD.


Wait for VR headsets the future of automatic measurement and adjustment of the IPD.



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