The successor to the Oculus Quest may appear in 2020

The successor to the Oculus Quest may appear in 2020

Oculus Quest for almost a year. According to Bloomberg, Facebook may launch an improved version of the self-contained VR points by the end of 2020.


Development and manufacturing with the bad predictions can be delayed because of the pandemic of coronavirus, so the new Oculus Quest will not start until next year, writes Bloomberg with reference to sources associated with the company.


The original points were supposed to go out during the next Oculus Connect, which is traditionally held in the fall. The seventh edition of the developer conference was cancelled and will be held in “digital format”. Date is not yet determined.


The final model is still not defined


The report says that Oculus is working on several potential successors at the same time and has not yet committed itself on the final specifications. Some models are smaller and lighter and have a higher refresh rate than the current Oculus Quest.


Oculus Quest - самая амбициозная попытка Facebook создать виртуальную реальность.  Может ли Quest сделать то, что Rift and Go было отказано?


We are talking about a form factor smaller by 10-15 percent and the weight that is closer to the pound, which is approximately 450 grams. The current model weighs 571 grams. Reducing size and weight, VR glasses, of course, be more convenient. Comfort is one of the biggest criticisms of the current Oculus Quest.


Oculus is considering the use of new, more elastic material for the straps and replace the cloth body on the plastic, similar to the Oculus Rift S.


The refresh rate at the industry level


Target refresh rate shall be not less than 90 Hz . The current model offers 72 Hz, which is below the standard points PC Playstation VR and VR. Also tested the Oculus display with refresh rate to 120 Hz, but could be downgraded to 90 Hz to protect the internal battery.


Nothing should change in the number of cameras tracking: new Oculus Quest will continue to rely on the four sensors. In some models the new test the headset also still has a physical switch to adjust interpupillary distance, or IPD. Connection with PC through the Oculus Link is still supported.


Oculus Link: вся информация, релиз, цена и производительность


“Del Mar” takes shape


Also developed new controllers VR, which should better lie in the hand and eliminate the problem of opening battery compartments. The new controllers will be compatible with the current Oculus Quest. Not yet decided whether or not a game is to be sold together, or completely removed from sale, as soon as a new version.


In March was released by code names unknown glasses Oculus new VR controllers . “Oculus Del Mar” is a prototype of the new Oculus Quest and “Controllers Oculus Jedi” probably means a new VR controllers. In April, the driver detection confirmed rumours Oculus controllers. They provide information about the improved tracking, the touch and the detected finger.


AR glasses Facebook also making progress, although primarily on the software side. As for hardware, the development was delayed because some Facebook employees no longer have access to the lab.



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