The small village of Bressolles prohibits Pokémon

The small village of Bressolles prohibits Pokémon

The mayor of the commune of Ain made an order prohibiting “the implantation of Pokémon on the commune”, which he sent to the designers of the game.

In 2016 AD, all of Gaul is invaded by Pokémon. Any? No! In Ain, a village resists Pokémon Go, the augmented reality game that allows you to catch monsters by moving in real places. The mayor of Bressolles, Fabrice Beauvois, issued a decree banning “the implantation of Pokémon in the commune”, reported this Friday Le Progrès . To justify his decision, the Mayor invokes the danger of hunting small Japanese creatures “by the inattention of pedestrians and drivers of vehicles visioning their phones”. Its text also specifies that ” this situation may favor in the evening and at night the formation of groups whose emergence must be prevented. Finally, the decree recalls that it is up to the municipal authority to prevent “the contagious and anarchic spread of the phenomenon” and”the dangerous addiction that this game represents towards young populations”. Progress says that very few Pokémon have so far tried to invade the small town located about thirty kilometers east of Lyon.

Let the game lovers who hunt Pokemon in this town of 1000 inhabitants rest assured, they do not risk being verbalized by capturing the creatures. The warning of the mayor is indeed addressed to the publisher of the game, which implements the Pokémon on the territory. François Beauvois sent his municipal order to the companies Niantic and The Pokémon Company.

Iran fears US spies

Pokémon Go has already been banned from the Douaumont ossuary, where there was installed a Pokéstop-supply point where hunters can provide themselves with equipment to catch the creatures – and an arena – virtual combat place where they can face each other -. The foundation running the memorial site for the victims of the First World War made an online request for the removal of Pokéstop and arena, explaining that the game did not respect the ideology of the historical monument and the necropolis and that this memorial site is not a place of entertainment, but a place of respect and recollection. The request had been taken into account within hours.

The US Department of Defense has also put limits on the use of the game. The Pentagon on Saturday banned all employees from downloading the game on their professional smartphones. “You can imagine a number of reasons why it would not be very careful,” explained Gordon Trowbridge, deputy press officer of the Pentagon. “And beyond the security aspect, I think people who pay taxes would appreciate the phones made available to government employees being used primarily for their work,” he added. Several U.S. military installations have already warned their employees about the dangers of playing Pokémon Go on bases, especially near the flight paths of fighter jets…

Iran, meanwhile, has banned the game entirely “for security reasons”. The authorities have cited issues related to national security believing that the platform that allows the geolocation of users can be used for espionage purposes. “These games can become a way to direct guided missiles and even cause problems for ambulances and firefighters,” said Alireza Al-Davoud, an analyst close to the radicals at Tasnim agency, adding that he feared the US game could be used to spy on Iran.

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