The most popular games PlayStation VR

The most popular games PlayStation VR

Sony introduced the most popular games PSVR according to users of PlayStation Network.


According to the PlayStation blogs in the US and EWith , Playroom VR is the most popular game PSVR. This is based on the number of PSN accounts that have played these games. In other words, the data is taken from everyone who is connected to the network for PS4 and PSN. Thus, it may include based on the disc names, in contrast to the usual results chart PlayStation Store.


Revealed the most popular games PSVR



Playroom VR — free download developed by Sony Japan. It has several mini games, some of which is for a single game, and some have local multiplayer game. Interestingly, one mini-game has spawned one of the best titles the platform, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. The name also appears in the list of the EU, but not in the US.


The second most popular name — PlayStation VR Worlds . Again, this is hardly surprising; it was the launch, which included several mini-games, one of which gave rise to Blood & Truth. It is also present in multiple packages PSVR since launch. Other launch title that is listed in both areas, include Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Beat Saber and Batman: Arkham VR.


Probably you would not be surprised if you see a Beat Saber in both lists; since launch in November last year, he regularly took the top selling position in the PS Store. Other popular games — Skyrim VR, Resident Evil 7 Superhot and VR. Interestingly, long-forgotten experience of Call of Duty: aerial Warfare VR is popular in both regions.


Perhaps the most surprising inclusion — Driveclub VR in the EU. Sony actually turned off the game earlier this year. The standard version of Driveclub is also disconnected. Very weird to display one of your most popular VR games offline.


Last week Sony confirmed that PS5 will be released at the end of 2020. It makes interesting future PSVR.



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