The Martians for the Vive and PSVR: The VR-experience in Test

The Martians for the Vive and PSVR: The VR-experience in Test

Since I’m already as an Astronaut on Mars – and what should I do? Potatoes sort. Well, at least I’m in a space station, while I take out one of the tasks in the Virtual Reality experience “The Martians-Rettet Mark Watney”. The experience is expected for a long time now appeared first on Playstation VR and the HTC Vive.

Stranded botanist, I have to meet in the role of Mark Watney more strikingly short missions to the inhospitable red planet back in the direction of humanity left. In “The Martian” is a task that can be set in 20 minutes.

The individual missions are varied, but not particularly challenging or complex. What is “The Martian” makes it interesting, is rather the views of the barren Martian landscape and the sparkling space.

Once Matt Damon be

The basic story may seem cinema-goers known, and it is this: The game is a Spin-off to the eponymous film by Ridley Scott, who also produced the VR experience. The Film in turn is an adaptation of Andy Weir’s space novel “The Martian”.

On the movie screen of the lonely Martian Watney Matt Damon is played. The Nasa Mission Ares 3 left without Watney the planet. He is alone, and must, with few works, what he has to send his Crew a sign of life and a rescue mission to initiate.

As a shirt-sleeved botanist Watney is also in the Film for the first time in the potato farming on Mars, as the game remains close to the cinematic model. What is Matt Damon can do, I can do already, so I’ll throw potatoes in the provided tubs. The VR game is also sprinkled some movie scenes to put Watneys tasks in context.

Fascinating view All

In addition to the potato-sorting in the space station, there are even more unusual to cope with tasks: As Watney I must Mars, for example, a car on a rocky lunar or Martian landscape in the direction of the spaceship and a cylinder of radioactive Material bergen.

With the help of a crane, I hieve in a further Mission solar cells on a truck. The Move Controller and the Playstation 4 are in this scene there to operate the crane the Hand control is a big part of the appeal of the game.

Sand swirls up, it whistles in my ears. “A sand storm is coming,” warns me, a voice from the radio, after she explained to me, how do I operate the crane. “The Solar Panels must not be broken.” Yes, thank you, radio voice. Will you leave them alone for a change on Mars. No pressure.

20 extremely expensive minutes

The spaceship-launch of the surface of Mars, paid me, at least visually, for my troubles. I see how the Planet is left behind me, the waning force of gravity. Screws float in front of me through the air, too bad I can’t grab you. The view up from a hatch shows the infinite vastness of the universe.

Previously on Mars, as I still have shovelled away with hands rubble, was the view of the stars in the sky is also a major distraction point, framed hood of the edges of my spherical Astronauts. Also, the view in the Wasteland on the Mars captivates the player.

Like a Fata Morgana the signs of human civilization, the space ship, for example, out of the mist rise in front of me. “The Martian” impresses with its look, less make it through the game itself.

The Problem: For a nice look with a relatively thin plot of the film company wants to paired behind the blockbusters and VR experience comparatively a lot of money. As a free addition to the movie The Martian VR would be recommended “to” definitely. 20 euros, but it is a steep for a cover price, for each minute of the game, you have to pay for about a Euro. As you think about maybe, prefer to stay on earth.

The Martian – Rettet Mark Watney: The VR experience“of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. For HTC Vive, Playstation VR (Move controllers provided, test device for this Test), and soon to Oculus Rift. 20 Euro.

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