The investigators will have access to computers Belarusians. Remote

Оперативники получат доступ к компьютерам белорусов. Удалённый

Adopted amendments to the law “About operatively-search activity”, according TUT.BY. Now the police will be able to remotely access information on computers in Belarus.

Such changes are made in the article that regulates the conduct of operational inspection. The law allows investigators to examine system resources and computer information, including using remote access “in order to obtain information necessary to perform the tasks of operative-investigative activity”.

There is no information how this will happen technically.

Other innovations include the police will be easier to follow the negotiations of the citizen in control of telecommunications. If it becomes known that people began to use the second phone, then a new resolution to continue surveillance to make do not have.

The amendments will enter into force three months after official publication.

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