The incredible journey of Moulla, who entered engineering school to become a magician

The incredible journey of Moulla, who entered engineering school to become a magician

Moulla, 29, is a former finalist of the show “Incredible Talent”, on M6. This young graduate of an engineering school completed all his studies with a very clear goal: to become a magician.

“At the age of ten, I was seeing science fiction movies and it made me want to create the same illusions.”It was from early childhood that Moulla, a young man from Montreuil near Paris, became passionate about magic. And that he begins to practice it: “I started learning tricks very early. My dad had a restaurant that I used to train at. I really liked it but I had a kind of frustration because I wanted to do what I saw in the movies,” says the young man, now 29 years old. So, he begins to be interested in science, gets a bachelor’s degree in science and moves to engineering studies.

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“I entered engineering school to become a magician”

“I could have done a mime school or a circus school, I preferred to do an engineering school,” he recalls. He then enrolled at the ESIEA, in an engineering course offering the virtual reality option. “I thought: there is something to be done by mixing virtual reality headsets and all these technologies, and magic. For five years, I therefore oriented my entire career within the school to divert what I was learning in class and apply it in magic,” he says.

In the evenings, the young man hangs out in the laboratories to come and do experiments. “Some teachers were very intrigued by what I was doing and many decided to help me,” recalls the young man. For his final internship, he went to the United States in a subsidiary of the company Dassault Systèmes*. “I went away for several months and spent my time creating magic effects, it was really too good. It was an exceptional internship, a unique experience,” he says.

From student to magician entrepreneur

During his internship, the student meets the future partner with whom he will launch his start-up specialized in virtual reality event applications a few months later. Quickly, the requests are pouring in. “So we started putting together a lot of numbers. We even went to India to play in front of 15,000 people,” he says.

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Today, the start-up consists of seven people. “We have more and more requests, we are touring in about twenty countries, it’s working great. We were able to structure ourselves to be able to respond to all interesting requests,” says the young man.

Already a celebrity

“90% of my clients are engineers themselves. We speak the same language. The huge advantage is that I understand what I’m doing; I can have a real discussion, imagine how to code, what the deadlines will be, etc. I have the same knowledge as those I’m addressing whereas for other artists it’s more complicated. It’s better to understand the tools you’re using,” he adds.

Despite her rather reserved character, Moulla has already made the rounds of television sets. “La Nouvelle star” on M6, “Salut les terriens” on Canal+, “À la bonne heure” or “Les Srosses têtes” on RTL. But the young man keeps his feet on the ground. His only wish: to continue to make the public dream. “I want to create bigger and bigger shows and do the impossible,” he concludes.

* The company Dassault Systèmes belongs to the Dassault Group, also owner of Le Figaro.

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