The head of the Academy of Sciences: the role of science — to be together with the government, and still have to create a mini-HTP

Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus V. G. Gusakov spoke at hardware meeting at the end of 2020. Much of his report was devoted to the question of cooperation between scientists and authorities.

“We need to work very closely with all state bodies, with authority to the authority of the country.

In any case, to prevent any unauthorized actions and manifestations.

I am especially grateful to the many leaders of our academic organizations for their correct citizenship, for avoiding confrontation between scientists and authorities.

The role of science — to be together with the government.

What we did not allow the loosening of the Academy of Sciences, its collapse, has kept scientists, this is a great merit of all Executive personnel of the Academy. We have kept the Academy and its personnel potential and will continue to work with the leadership of the country and the economy of the country”, — said the head coach.

Also the head of the NAS shared plans for the future.

Among the priorities:

  • the Belarusian domestic electric vehicle (production is long overdue and we can’t wait);
  • your academic mini-Park of high technology, where all software would be created by the forces of academic scientists;
  • domestic developments in the field of artificial intelligence and based on them complete systems for the digitization, robotics, and the creation of “smart” industries, cities, neural networks and communications (that is, to have your smart healthcare, smart agriculture, smart service, smart education system and even smart science).
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