The 1001 functions of 5G

The 1001 functions of 5G

This technology will provide a thousand times faster connection than 4G, essential for remote surgical operations or industrial maintenance.

5G is not just an extension of 4G. It promises to be a real revolution. This new technology will be able to offer a thousand times faster connection than 4G (20 gigabits per second) to a thousand times more connected objects, with latency times of the order of a millisecond. Finally, it should be very reliable.

Manufacturing production will rely more and more on connected objects, whether robots for manufacturing or drones for deliveries

This multiplication of possibilities is essential to meet new needs. “The use of mobile networks is growing exponentially,” says Jean-Laurent Poitou, Director of media and technology at Accenture. The consumption of video on mobile is such, that it risks saturating networks alone in the next few years if nothing is done.

To this is added the development of virtual reality which involves transmission of images in ultrahigh definition and 360°. For example, to perform remote surgical operations or to provide industrial maintenance, it will take 5G.

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