"Television is off-time. You don't want to discuss every night“

Wolf Bauer, white shirt, jeans, shines professionally. The sailor tan suits him. In his Potsdam office in the style of the late last millennium, a conference table stretches out, at which we take a seat. He at the front, legs folded over, across, looking into the green in front of the window. There are coffee and cookies that the self-deprecating artist, as he is called by some in the industry, does not touch.

WORLD ON SUNDAY: ARD and ZDF want to increase broadcasting fees, possibly in order to compete with the Internet. A lost battle. The era of the flicker box, it seems, is over. Is that why you have now said goodbye as Ufa boss and TV maker, Mr. Bauer?

Wolf Bauer: Not at all. The new television has long since encompassed every audiovisual programme, regardless of the platform through which it comes to us. In addition, I am not saying goodbye, but will continue to work for Ufa as a producer. Of course, I could have continued as CEO for a few more years. But I hate to repeat myself.

WORLD ON SUNDAY: What would be the repetition?

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