Tchibo VR-glasses in the Test: What are the Cardboard glasses any good?

Tchibo VR-glasses in the Test: What are the Cardboard glasses any good?

Sharks come close to threatening, giant planet, is only an arm’s length away – and in the free case, it goes down headlong from the high house. All of these experiences with a new product of Tchibo possible. But the foam on the nose feels weird. And slowly the arms be heavy.

Cardboard goggles for Smartphones VR entry-level products, the Rift and Vive, High-End devices. The expensive products offer not perfect, but impressive Illusion of reality cardboard glasses convey a first impression of the possibilities offered by VR.

The borders of the Tchibo glasses

Thus, no false expectations are the key differences to the more expensive glasses, advent, here:

  • Tchibo glasses not unlike the Oculus worn Rift and co. as a Headset and not a headband. You have to press and hold with the hands in front of his face – or a rubber band to it to attach.
  • The Gadget does not have its own Display. It uses the Display of loaded iPhones or Android Smartphones.
  • Additional technology as the more expensive Smartphone glasses Gear VR offers the Tchibo glasses, head movements are exclusively detected by the Sensors of the smartphone. If you walk around in the room or changing its Position, recognizes the glasses.
  • A VR-App Store, there is not, you have to find the Apps themselves together. Make use of all the Cardboard-optimized Apps in principle.
  • Unlike other Cardboard models of the glasses has a magnetic switch. But there is a slot at the bottom, through which you can touch with the Finger on the Display.

The Main Purpose Of 360-Degree Videos

Because of these limitations, the glasses is more suitable for simple games and 360-degree Videos as for more complex Apps. Good to use only Apps that can be controlled with head movements, you can actually. Also, for YouTube-Videos that provide Cardboard mode with 360-degree all-round vision is good for the Gadget.

Here are four tips for Cardboard-owners are:

Compared with other Cardboards Tchibo glasses makes a passable figure. The good news is that the glasses is also suitable for larger Smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

A little adhesive strips needed

The lenses of the glasses have an acceptable size and quality. Google’s Cardboard App recognized the frame with Tchibo Logo as a “Pop! Cardboard 2.0”, which is also sold separately. The frame provides a biconvex lens with 25 millimeters in diameter and 45 millimetres, the focal length, eyeglass wearers can use the cardboard frame, only the contact lenses or without glasses. The glasses itself weighs about 60 grams.

The foam padding is meant to be kind, but quite thin. Fold the glasses can be simple in the beginning, only the adhesive on the image separator was replaced in the case of our Test sample. At this point, we had to help out with the adhesive strip.

Best-sellers of the eyewear provides Tchibo some tips for potential first-in Apps, but much more. A Gadget for total Smartphone newcomers to the cardboard glasses, therefore, is not. In his first VR experience, you should definitely use headphones, the Sound often has a large influence on the sense of Presence.

Conclusion for Tchibo glasses

How persuasive you find the Tchibo offer, is a question of expectations: those Who believe that a 13-Euro cardboard frame could allow the same experience as a Gear VR or an Oculus Rift, it will disappoint the glasses. Who is looking for a cell phone tower, to look about for a short 360-degree Videos, the glasses will be enough.

Your price is acceptable: In the same price range, there are – for example, in the case of Online retailers, but also many more Cardboard versions, which look less like a Tchibo-a promotional gift. Tchibo VR content, such as a walk in the catalog so far, there is not Really Mainstream VR is not there yet.

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